Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Here's are some signs that your man is either cheating on you or is up to no good.

1. Has female friends that he talks about that you've never met.

When your man starts talking about his female friends and they aren't someone you've ever met,      there's probably a reason for that.  If these people are truly important to him, he would want you to meet them.  You would meet them in a normal setting, probably not as she's leaving your house without your knowledge.

2. Has new female friends that he's never really talked about until recently.

I had an ex that started talking about some women that he was "friends" with, but he had never even mentioned their name until towards the end when things were getting shady.  As it turned out that so-called "friend" was a woman he cheated on me with for months and months and denied doing anything with her. By the way, she was really not attractive!   

3. Has the KIK messenger app or other secret texting apps such as What's App on his phone.  

This is a HUGE red flag!  My friend met a guy at a happy hour and reached out to him.  He admitted to her that he was in a relationship, but always was interested in having "new friends." She played along for a bit, but then he asked her to download the KIK app because that's how he preferred to communicate.  If your man has this...it's not a good sign!

4. Starts picking fights with you for no real legitimate reason.

A guilty conscience is a funny thing.  When someone is living a lie and it becomes too much, they often take out that stress of keeping up those lies on the people closest to them.  They might start picking fights with you over trivial things and becoming very critical of you. 

5. Is super secretive when it comes to his cell phone.

Anytime a guy acts as though his phone is something that he's afraid for you to see, BEWARE.  There's usually a reason for that.

6. Deletes all of his text messages. 

A sure sign of a guy that has something to hide is when he deletes all his text messages.  They might use the excuse of "I don't like having all the clutter on my phone." Or maybe he'll say, "It makes my phone run slower." Whatever the excuse, it's a bit shady, so beware.

7. Other women start sending you messages on Facebook or other platforms saying that they've been with your man.

I think this one is self-explanatory. Although, there are some serious crazy bitches out there that just want to steal your man and won't stop until they ruin what you have. However, where there's smoke, there's fire.  So, if something doesn't smell right and his explanation doesn't make sense, then trust your gut.

8. Spending less time with you and makes less effort to see you.

You went from seeing each other everyday and spending a lot of time together, to him only making time for you possibly once or twice a week and now makes excuses why he can't hang out with you as much.  They seem like legitimate reasons at first, but then it starts happening more and more and he grows more distant towards you.

9. Suddenly won't answer his phone or call you back after certain times of the day.

 If your spouse went from calling you or texting before they went to bed, or if you were able to call them and they'd always answer, to now they don't answer and don't call back until possibly the next morning, that's a good sign there's something going on.

10. Changes their name and/or their profile pic on Facebook.

Better yet, they get off Facebook completely because it's just "too much drama."  He once had so many pictures of you on Facebook.  He was the proud boyfriend. Now he hides or deletes your pics and hides his relationship status.  NO BUENO!

11. Gives out his business card to women at bars when you're not there.

Maybe you don't find out about this right away, but some how it comes out that he gave his business card to women that have nothing to do with what he does for a living.  Be especially aware if on his business card he has his personal cell phone number printed on it.

12. Still allows ex-girlfriends or flings have contact with him.

If your man was truly committed to you, he wouldn't need the attention from any other woman.  All the women from his past would be just that, his past.  There would be no need to have them in his present. Especially, if you are in a committed relationship such as marriage or engagement.

13. Gets text messages from numbers that you don't know and/or aren't saved in his phone.

This doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it may not be a good thing if you suspect other things.  Also be leery if he starts texting a dude named Larry a lot.  Sometimes guys will change peoples names in their phone to avoid suspicion.

BONUS - Takes trips with friends without you.
This isn't necessarily bad in itself, however in combination with the other shady activity, it just doesn't feel right.

 Here’s the thing, when the stories just don’t add up anymore maybe you need to stop excusing those things away and take a serious look at the situation.
Remember one thing, when your spouse cheats on you, it’s not your fault even if they try and blame you.

It's 100% their issue and they have no one to blame except themselves for making poor decisions and being a weak individual.

I believe even if you start to think about straying that you you need to have a serious conversation with your partner to work on things or end the relationship. Not after the fact.

I’m proud to say that I’ve never cheated, but I’m sad to say that I have been cheated on.  It’s a terrible feeling.  One that usually punches you in the gut and you don’t see coming.  Or maybe you had your suspicions, but weren’t 100% positive.

Know that you are worthy of someone treating with real love and respect.  You don’t deserve to be lied to and cheated on.

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