Friday, July 18, 2014


It's a saying that most of us heard as a child from our mothers.  It's a saying that I believe men follow and women DON'T!   Well at least women don't follow when it comes to relationships.  We tend to be "all in" everytime. 

As I get back into the dating scene I've noticed that I kind of do this.  I'll go on a few dates with a few different people and slowly weed them out till there's just one.  That may not seem like such a bad thing, but it's bad when you haven't discussed being exclusive yet.  So instead of replenishing my roster like a guy typically would, I leave myself with one option.  I put all my eggs in that one basket.

What I should really be doing is continuing to date multiple people until something is established.  If it never moves forward at least I won't be heart broken when it ends.  I'll at least be able to keep myself distracted and detached enough to not care. 

Women are infamous for putting all eggs in one basket.  We see something we like and focus on it.  Where a guy is ALWAYS keeping his options open.  OK...maybe not ALWAYS, but I've never met a guy that was getting attention from just ONE girl. 

I mean, most times I go on a date with a guy his phone has gone off with at least once with a text or phone call from a girl.  Granted, they could be "just friends" or co-workers, but point is there's females in the vicinity. 

So what's the conclusion here? I always say tread with caution when it comes to my heart.  However, despite me doing this I always seem to put my eggs in a basket and end up getting hurt.   So, maybe I should try giving this "keeping my options open " thing a try.


Anonymous said...

The problem with dating for most women is that they don't want to date a guy who they consider as dating down and thus set themselves up for an eventual letdown. They believe it would be akin to "settling" The chances are if you find a guy attractive and a catch, so will other women. Thus, he'll likely have the wandering eye and keep his options open.

I can tell you that from a guy's perspective, most guys who are considered a "catch" when they decide to find a girl to marry, true love isn't even remotely as important to them as it is to a woman. He'll marry mostly because he wants to have a family and thus will find a nice girl who he believes will make a good mom and wife and won't divorce him.

Good luck with your dates. Dating is hard for both gender.

Anonymous said...

"I've never met a guy who was getting attention from just ONE girl". That means you're targeting a celebrity, rich, or player type of guys.

Anonymous said...

Date a girl, problem solved haha, well actually after careful thought no that can be just as bad, I can offer no solution to this centuries old problem, I think to be honest you just have to be in the right place at the right time and meet the right person, and hopefully both parties will suddenly just click!!

Best policy I can think of its not too go in search of it as your nearly always going to fail, let it just happen, random time, random place, who knows it might be someone you work with and just never connected at the right moment,... possibilities are endless Erin, good luck though

Becks x