Monday, March 2, 2015


I've taken a long break from blogging.  A lot has gone on in the last 8 or so months that's kept me pretty busy.  However, all of that has stirred up some topics for me to go off of and start writing again.

Since July I've been dating someone and it's become really serious.  I'm really happy and I'm so glad that I finally found someone that is cool with my job and all that comes with it.  He tells me that for once he has found a boat and not an anchor.  

Since we've started dating it's been great, but that doesn't mean everything has been perfect.  Of course, there's been a few things that have also tried to interrupt our relationship. 

One of the things that I'll touch on in an upcoming blog is how people from our past come back to haunt us.  That's not the case with me, but it has been the case with him.

Some other things I'll talk about:

Shady Gold Digging Women!
When it's time to move on!
Are you a CRAZY girl?
What Goes Around Comes Around

Of course there are many things and people that I want to blog about.  I have so many stories that I can't wait to share! I just need to figure out where to start or who to start with.  

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