Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This is one of my worst habits.  I compare myself to other people all the time.  Hence, why I wrote the blog about comparing my life to my friends on Facebook. 

Last Sunday I didn't go to church so I decided to watch Joel Osteen on TV.  Not sure if it was just coincidence or a bit of divine intervention, but the sermon was about being comfortable with yourself.   Joel spoke about how there is an underlying pressure to be number 1.  Whether its at work or it's among friends.

He said there's always going to be something that can make us feel like we don't measure up or that we're falling behind. And as long as we compare ourselves to others we will never feel good about ourselves.   As he spoke there was so much that I could relate to.  I just started tearing up because everything he talked about is something I do.

I sometimes start competitions with other people in my head.  They have no idea they're a part of my imaginary race, but they are.  I set goals to be better than they are at whatever.  If someone has what I want I try and see if I can have it too.  

Some of these areas where I compare myself to others are: people that have someone or are in a relationship.  I compare myself to women that are prettier than me or younger than me. (That's a bad one for me because when I do this, I get down on myself and tell myself terrible things.) I compare myself to people at work a lot. Who got a promotion, who makes more money, and who is getting more recognition.

I had to write notes while watching the sermon that day so that I could go back and revisit the message. A phrase that stuck out to me was about how we're all in our own race.  It doesn't matter if the person at work gets a promotion and you don't. God has a plan and gave you the gifts you have for your race and nobody else's. 

From now on I need to remind myself that, sure that girl might be younger than me and prettier, or that woman may have bigger boobs that get her a lot of attention, but I'm not them. I'm in a race with me.

I'll admit this is going to be extremely difficult for me to change.  I've been like this since I was a little kid so changing this bad habit isn't going to happen overnight.  Some parts I'm not sure if I'll ever completely change like comparing myself physically to other women, but when I catch myself doing it I'll have to remember that God gave me my own gifts.

Watch the sermon that I talked about HERE

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