Friday, February 21, 2014


I'm not a super religious person. I went to church growing up and I may not believe everything that I was taught as a kid but I still believe that God guides us and answers prayers.

After I had something happen to me last week I decided to share my story and give other examples where I think God was looking out for me.

The first time I believe that God had a helping in hand was when I was just starting out in the business. I was living with a friend of mine that I met in college.  Both of us were just starting out and were trying to make it.  Well, one day she decided to move out with her boyfriend and didn't give me any notice.  Not to mention rent was due and I couldn't afford to pay it alone. To add on top of that, my job had decided to make my "full-time" job a "part-time" job and cut my benefits.

Here's how it all worked out.  I had been looking and applying for full-time on air jobs. I got a call about one and landed it very quickly.  As for paying for the rent that my roommate skipped out on, the manager let me use her half of the deposit to pay for the rent. And since the apartment lease was month to month, I moved out and headed to my new job and new city.

I feel like God really made all the pieces come together.

I believe God had a hand when I moved here to Houston. My station in Milwaukee  had just flipped formats and if it weren't for my "no-cut" contract I would've lost my job like one of my co-workers did.  Without that contract I might've found myself homeless. Thankfully I had it, and since the company wasn't doing well they didn't want to pay me out. So I still came into work and helped out where I could until I found my job in Houston at KILT.  

Again, I believe God helped everything line up the way it was supposed to. 

This last example is what made me write this blog.  Last week I had a procedure done. I wasn't knocked out, just made a little woozy. They told me I couldn't drive afterwards and that I needed someone to pick me up. 

Now, I've had procedures before where I was knocked out. And with those procedures, I wasn't allowed to drive either. However, when I woke up I was totally able to drive. And this time I thought I could too.

Bobbie, who I work with, picked me up. I wanted her to take me to my car so that I could drive home. She was telling me that I was not able to drive, but I convinced her to take me to my car. 

I got in to my car and told her to follow me. Although, I didn't get far. As I drove off I hit a curb and noticed that my car started driving funny.  I pulled over and I had a flat tire.

I've hit curbs before and didn't get a flat tire. So I feel like this time it was different. 

Needless to say, I had to get my car towed home and Bobbie delivered my zonked out butt home.  I don't remember much from that night but I remember that  I couldn't make sense of the cars in front of us.

I believe that God had me get a flat tire that night so that nothing would happen to me, or worse, to someone else. I believe he protected me that day. 

These 3 instances I truly believe that God was looking out for me. I only hope that he will continue to look out for me in the future. 

A friend of mine at work said yesterday, "God controls my destiny, people don't."  

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