Tuesday, February 4, 2014


If you ask me, my answer is yes for many reasons. With every passing year and with every woman I meet, I become more convinced that women have a shelf life. 

Do women have an expiration date in dating?

This is the area that hits closest to home. Or at least hits me especially hard.  Since starting this blog over 6 years ago I've remained single. I've only dated here and there with marginal success. Recently I took a look on match.com only to find that many guys my age and some guys older than me we're interested strictly in younger women. 

I've talked to several of my girlfriends and other women my age and they've noticed the same thing.  It's gotten to the point where I understand why women lie about their age.  In fact, I've considered doing it myself.

I know that some women get burned so bad by men that they become jaded.  I know I can by very cynical about dating at times.  However, do men like these younger women because they tolerate their bad behavior more? Do guys prefer them more because they're "dumber" or are just physically more appealing?

I'll be honest,  I may not be as young as I once was, however, I've learned a few things over the years. Am I going to need to find my next mate on www.loveagain.com?

Do women have an expiration date in their careers?

I believe this is true with some career paths. In the entertainment industry this is especially true.  I work in a segment of the entertainment industry and in the back of my mind I can't help but worry about how many years I'll be able to be relevant. 

It seems men in this industry have a much longer shelf life. Men can be well into their late 40's and 50's and still have a big name for themselves.  I feel like women in this industry lose their luster in their mid 30's.

For many men, they're lucky to look younger longer.  The salt and pepper look is sexy, but women aren't sexy with salt and pepper hair. Nor or we sexy with an eye crinkle.  At least according to the masses.

Look at actresses in Hollywood.  Men can play a sexy role well into their 50's and 60's.  Here's a couple of examples to marinate on: Liam Neeson age 61 and Meryl Streep age 64.  Liam can play a sexy bad ass, while Meryl's latest role is one where she is a bitter shrew of a mother.

The ageism is real, unfortunately.   Now you know why I'm a big fan of women getting botox.

Do women have an expiration date when it comes to life?

Statistics show that women generally live longer than men.  However, when it comes to becoming a mother, our eggs definitely have a shelf life.  That's just a straight up fact.  Its so ironic that women live longer than men, but men's swimmers live longer than our eggs! How messed up is that?

Women also age faster than men.  Again, how ironic that we live longer but men, but we wrinkle up faster than they do.

The general public has a negative outlook on plastic surgery.  Maybe that's because there's a lot of Hollywood types that take it to far.  I, however, understand why women get it.  We feel this immense pressure both spoken and unspoken to be young and stay young or you'll be replaced with the newer model.

This is my opinion, but what do you think?

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