Tuesday, September 25, 2012


A while back I wanted to write this blog.  I had decided to put it on the back burner, but after a few things that have happened in recent months, I've decided that I needed to get this one off my chest.

I know a lot of single ladies will feel me on this one...

Picture this scene:  Girl sees boy she finds attractive at (insert place here).  She finds out his name and maybe tries to find him on Facebook. Then only to find out that he has a (insert obstacle here: ex, wife, girlfriend, fiance, baby mama). It happens every time!  Every guy that I find attractive has a giant "BUT!"

It doesn't always have to be the typical "BUT" either. Typical "BUT's" would be, as I mentioned earlier: wife, girlfriend, fiance, baby mama, or girl they've been dating for an extended period of time. Other "BUT'S" include: kids, job issues, past relationship issues, jail time, or any other life obstacle that would make them a possible undesirable person to date.

I don't want to fail to mention that these "BUT's" aren't always labeled by me or the woman.  These are "BUT's" that the subject puts upon themselves.  For instance, I once had a guy flat out tell me he wouldn't date me because he had too much drama in his life.  His drama included: ex, kid, and some financial issues. Actually, it really included several general life roadblocks.  Put those all together and this guy is not looking for a relationship. (Or at least not one with me)

They say finding someone has a lot to do with timing.  Sometimes I think that's a little bit of B.S.,but other times I think it's got some truth to it. How is it though...that every single person that I've been attracted to in the last 5 years of my life has a "BUT?" 

Let me think of some of the "BUT's."

  • There's a hot guy at my gym...BUT he's married! AND his wife is pregnant! ---He's OUT!
  • I met this guy when I was out with my friends...BUT...he doesn't want a gf because he wants to travel.
  • I have this great guy friend I've always had a crush on...BUT he lives in another state.
  • I know this guy that is a great catch. Smart, good looking, great sense of humour...BUT he has a baby mama...AND he's still hung up on her.
  • There's this guy I think is super cute...BUT he likes blonds...AND big boobs!
  • I dated this sweet guy...BUT he was at a bad place in his life when we dated.
Do you get my point?  These are just a few of the "BUT's" that I could come up with in 1.26 min.  If you gave me about an hour I could come up with a ton.  

When will I ever meet someone I'm attracted to and there's no "BUT?" Is there always going to be a "BUT" and I'll just have to settle? Will I have to settle with a guy that his "BUT" is that I don't find him attractive? (He's a nice guy...BUT...I'm thinking of someone else when we're in bed together.) Just saying'.

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