Thursday, August 23, 2012


I wrote about comparing yourself to others several years ago.  I don't remember what I wrote, but I know that it's a bad habit of mine that I still have a hard time breaking.  I just did it again today in fact.  And when I did, it instantly made me sad.

You gotta love Facebook sometimes.  It's the perfect place for someone with any sort of insecurity about themselves to look around for 5 minutes and make themselves feel like poop.  What's even more pathetic, is that half the time you're looking around on people's FB pages not trying to feel worse. Then, it happens.  Someone pops in your head and you decide to go to their page.  Some might call it Facebook stalking. I call it scooping out the scenery or scoping out the competition.

Every girl does this. There's a guy that we're interested in....and....we ALWAYS look up THE ex.  We then sit there and compare ourselves to her.  (Are we prettier than her? Is she skinnier? What does she do for a living? How much money does she make? How big are her boobs? What color is her hair?) Most girls act like they are better than the ex, but I'm not like that unfortunately.

I may see something about myself that I think is better than her, but usually that doesn't work.  Because most times the ex still has the power over him.  I could be prettier, younger, funnier, with a cooler and better job, and not be a gold diggin' biatch, and yet I won't win.

I even compare myself to girls I don't know.  When I was in Milwaukee a couple of weeks ago for my birthday, my friend Melissa was telling me these stories about the girlfriends of her fiancés buddies.  They all sounded like bitches with the personality of a wet wash cloth and dead fishes in bed. Yet, these chicks had boyfriends hanging on their every word. Then there's me...who is funny, not a total bitch with the "skills"...aaaaannnnndddd NOTHING!

I compare all the time.  Sometimes I tell myself that I'm better, but a lot of times I tell myself that I'm not. Why do I do it?  How do I/you stop it? Can you ever stop it?  I know I shouldn't compare are myself, but it is something I've done since I was in elementary school.

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