Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I think everyone has someone that they are or were hung up on. Usually it's an ex. Sometimes it's someone that was a little more temporary, but for some reason you can't let them go. My theory is that we tend to be hung up on people that aren't good for us.

I've been guilty of being hung up on someone.  For the longest time I was hung up on Mr. Dallas.  Some may say I'm still hung up on him however, I disagree.  I think I was hung up on the feeling that the relationship gave me.  There were so many things that he did that made me feel special, appreciated, and loved.  I was just hoping that that wouldn't be the last time I felt it.

In the last several years I've met more and more guys that "seem" to be hung up on exes.  Since I can be a little cynical about "real" male feelings, I'm not totally sure how hung up they are, but whatever it is, they're too afraid to move forward with their lives.

I can understand that.  I was so hurt after my breakup with Mr. Dallas that I was paralyzed with fear.  Although, I felt as though I kept a pretty open mind that I may find someone again.  Then again, I'm still single and have my guard up a bit...or a lot depending on who you talk to.

OK...going back to the wounded boys. Who are these these women that hold their nuts hearts in their hands? Again, it's probably someone that isn't the right person for them, but for some reason these women have the power.  I don't get it.  I mean, I'd get it if these women had the cure to cancer, helped people, walked old ladies across the street...then I might understand.  However, all I hear is how they're money hungry, selfish, narcissistic,  bitchy, and sometimes lame in bed.  REALLY??? At least the guy I was hung up on sweet, affectionate, and liked to get it on!!!

Why do we let people hold onto our hearts when they don't want them? They aren't in our present for a reason.  Yet, we let them hold on to our future because we're scared, we're hurt, and we let them.

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Cardinalsfan71 said...

Erin - from a guy's perspective, men can get hurt just as bad as women do in relationships. I was extremely hurt when my ex wife left me. It took years for me to get over not only her, but the loss of "the family unit." During those years however, I did date, but nothing ever materialized. I tended to look at every single little fault a woman had and used that as my excuse to get out of the relationship. Even after I was completely over my ex and the relationship, I would still look for a woman's faults rather than look for the good things. I found myself doing this because I was so afraid to get hurt again, so I just put up these fake walls.

Now, I am at a point where I can honestly say that I no longer look for a person's faults. I do still have my standards, but I don't look for every minute fault.

I feel that you are meeting guys in the stage I described first....they just aren't ready for a relationship even if they say they are!!

There are guys out there that are ready, you just have to find them. However, don't look too hard....you tend to look to "create" the perfect guy for you when you try too hard!!