Wednesday, March 28, 2012


How many times have you heard from your friends that are married or with somebody all their suggestions on where you should go to meet someone? The grocery store, church, a charity function is what they say. What they don't tell you is that more than likely none of these places are where they met their mate. So, where are you supposed to go and meet people anymore, besides the Internet??

I started thinking about this after an encounter at the store the other day. I was doing some bargain shopping at Ross when a guy said, "Excuse me." I was a little startled and started thinking "What in the world is this guy going to ask me? Is he going to ask me for money? Does he need help?" I had no earthly idea and I'm sure he could tell by the weird look my face might've been making. He then said, "Can I give you my phone number? You can use it if you want or you don't have to, but I would like to take you out. I think you're beautiful."

UHHHH What? Wow! That's not what I was expecting at all! Again, I'm not sure what I was expecting, but not that. I awkwardly started scrambling for something to write with because I had no idea what to do. I got his number even though he's not really my type and walked away thinking about that whole scenario.

First thing I thought was, "Wow that took some serious balls to come up to me and say that." Next thing I thought was, "I appreciate him offering his number instead of asking for mine." It made the whole thing less awkward. Lastly, I admired his confidence. It also had me thinking, "Boy, you never see men do that anymore."

When is the last time you had a guy approach you like that? Anytime I've had something similar happen it's been where a guy walks up to you and asks for your number and makes you feel on the spot. That guy giving his number and then having the confidence to say, "I'd like to give you my number and you can you it or you don't have to." was a nice change.

On my way home I started thinking, 'Where do people meet anymore?' How do you ever find someone besides online, at work, at a bar, or at school?

Let's see, I'm not in school. So that's out. Although, I guess I could go back for a few classes. There's not a single person that I work with that I'd ever want to see naked, so that's out. Every guy I've met at a bar has never turned into anything that's lasting or meaningful. (Not saying that it can't happen, just saying the odds are stacked pretty high against you.) So, online is what I have left. Well, not to pour salt on my own wound, but since Mr. Dallas and I broke up over what...4-5 years ago? I've pretty much been on,,, (just about every dating website known to man) for about 4 years. So far, not a ton of luck.

I'll admit that I'm shy when it comes to approaching guys I'm interested in. Usually I try to crack some joke because I'm nervous and then it goes down in flames. Or they have a girlfriend, or they hit on my friend after I walk away. (that happens a lot)

Where do you meet anyone anymore? I wish I could say the gym, but it hasn't worked for me. I wish I could say church, but I'm sure God doesn't want me using his house as a meat market. I wish I could say a charity event, but those guys usually come with their WIVES!!!!

Where have all the single people gone? According to this map...there are a lot of men in Houston and Texas in general. WTH? (they're probably are all into blonds)


Anonymous said...

Many people meet through mutual friends or acquaintances either through a setup or just a new introduction among friends.

Even though you're not interested in your work colleagues, just go out to a happy hour or something with them and perhaps they'll bring someone else along who you actually might find interested in.

Anonymous said...

If someone came up to me and said," you're beautiful", I would not go out with them. First of all, they are probably seeing you at your best... Hair done and makeup.What happens when they see what you really look like? I just feel like their interst would wane, if that is what they first notice. Also, most men and women know that women are insecure about their looks and saying that will make the person more likely to go out with you. It's best, just to say," Hi" and introduce yourself.

Erin Austin said...

Wow!! Thanks a lot negative Nancy!! I'll have you know that my hair was in a bun and I didnt really have makeup on. In fact, I remember walking around the corner and looked myself in the mirror thinking, " god I look like crap right now! God bless him for thinking I was beautiful! Even if had makeup on who cares? It was at least a nice gesture

Anonymous said...

How do you know he wasn't your type? If your type is based so quickly on looks I'm afraid your dating pool will be way too small.

Last time I went out with a guy who seemed nice but "not my type"...well, it's now 2 years later and we're happily married. Thinking about it, my type never had worked out so well for me in the long run.

Give him a call, if y'all don't hit it off you've lost nothing but an hour or so of your life.

Anonymous said...

Who is your type in terms of looks? Is it height, athletic build, intellectual types, certain hair/eye color, rugged versus cute, only men of your ethnic background, etc.

Perhaps you can share some famous people who you can cite as an example?

Anonymous said...

They guy I've been with for over 5 years already and plan on marrying, was not "my type" at first... he has proven to be way better than the imaginary "perfect guy" I had in my head. He may not be "perfect", but he is the perfect one for me. And you know where I met him and where you can meet one?! At church. And we aren't super religious dorky looking kids... I'm talking about a jock and a girl-next-door. You need to look in the most unexpected places, not just clubs, bars, and out at night in the town; try a book club, a cooking class, somewhere new. And stop plastering all the negativity you feel about yourself all over this blog and radio, because that's just making it worse... Who wants to date and have a serious relationship with someone who doesn't love themselves and just talks negative things about dating and love!!? If I were a guy, I'd be turned off as well.