Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Many times when my friends and I get together and talk about dating horror stories the phrase "Where are the normal guys?" is uttered. I'm starting to believe that the weirdos and douche bags we're finding are the new normal.

You may wonder "How many different kinds of douche bags are there?" The stereotypical douche bag is the guy you'd find on Washington Ave. He's freshly spray tanned and is wearing either a tight shirt with wings on it or some v-neck 2 sizes too small. Oh, let's not forget about his Louie or Gucci belt. Then there's the guys that just behave like douche bags. Whether it's boning lots of chicks or sending girls pics of their wang.

Let's talk about the second dude for a moment. I know we've talked about people sending naked pics before, but this is just about the guys that do it. I thought that this was abnormal behavior, but now I'm starting to think that so many guys do it and it's the new normal.

For instance, I had never received a wang picture until about about 6 months ago. It was from a guy I "dated" in Milwaukee and hadn't spoke to in almost a year. Then, bam there's and picture of his wang. It happened to me a couple of months ago with another guy I "dated."

A friend of mine is on match.com and 3 out of the 5 guys that she's talked with (keep in mind, she didn't even go on dates with these dudes) have sent her pictures of their wang and one even sent a video of him playing with themselves. WTF? Is this the new normal? Does everyone send masturbating videos?

When I was at the hair salon today, my stylist was telling me that she has a client who is 65 and on match.com. This lady is a grandma and men that are her age are sending pics of their wang. Frickin EWWWW. Who wants a pic of a 65 + yr old penis?

OK OK enough with the winky pic talk. Douchey behavior goes beyond that. It's dating 4 chicks at once. It's cheating. It's any man behaving badly action. The question is, are there so many men behaving badly that it's become the new normal? Are the guys that once "normal" so out numbered that instead of saying I want a "normal" guy I need to start saying I want a "weird" guy?

Where did all the normal guys go? Are there no normal guys anymore?


Anonymous said...

Okay, heard you on 95.7 so I thought I would check you out because I love blogs. But wow, I can't read anymore. It seems you have bad relationships because you associate with the wrong people. Why not give the guy at Ross a call? Just because he isn't your type? What a shallow thing to say.

Anonymous said...

Any guys sending pics of privates over internet is an idiot whether in a relationship or not. Dating 4 people at same time is fine as long as it's just dating and not in a committed relationship. Sort of similar to interviewing at different places prior to deciding on a job.

Where are you meeting these types of guys. Bars and online isn't the best places to meet quality men. If you want a normal guy, don't go for the hot guy all the time. Find the average and somewhat dull guy.

Erin Austin said...

Is it a shallow thing? I don't think so. Would you date someone you are not physically attracted to at all? Probably not. Actually, I guarantee it.

Sure hw could be ye nicest guy in the world, but you need to be attracted to that person at least a little.

I don't think that's shallow... It's normal and most people want to be attracted to their partner. I don't know call me crazy!

Anonymous said...

Houston is a big city. I haven't been there, but in a city that large I would think it can't be that hard to meet a decent guy who you find somewhat attractive.

Do you think your standard are too high maybe? Or perhaps you work too much and don't get out enough?

Anonymous said...

Be careful of what you wish for though. If you find a certain guy attractive, chances are, so will other women. Guys who have more options are more likely to play the field and won't be happy with just one girl.

The douchebags that you're describing are probably just casting a very wide net.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you hook up with the guy in the boxer briefs? He's not bad at all. Not all relationships need to be serious. Nothing wrong with a casual fling between adults.

Anonymous said...

You sound so negative and cynical about men on your blog and perhaps that's because this is your place to vent your frustrations. I hope in real life you and your girlfriends exude a more friendliness persona, positivity, and appear approachable when it comes to men.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you are a magnet for the douche. Instead of thinking these types of guys are everywhere, maybe you are what is attracting these jackasses. Are you the massengill for the masses and they just mirroring you? You know, we all have a purpose in life.