Thursday, March 8, 2012


If you were to ask a man of course he'd say yes. Men think anything with a vagina is crazy. And I'll say that we can get a little wacky at times, but I also think that most times woman act crazy it's because a guy made them that way. Kind of like the Miranda Lambert song 'Baggage Claim' that has the lyrics, "Behind every woman scorned is a man who made her that way."

If you're a single woman and have tried dating a guy that's been married before or has children, he'll say that the woman in question woman is crazy. In fact, I think most men married in the past or not will say that one of their exes is crazy. Why is that? Has it never crossed one man's mind that the reason she may be a tad bit wacky is because of him?

So many times men have a "ehh it's not important" type of attitude. When women are the types of people that like the details. If only men would pay a little more attention to detail, then we wouldn't be so crazy or be such nags. What's so funny to me is that when we hear from a guy that his ex is crazy, we automatically agree with him. Instead of waiting to see what her side is.

I know that when I went through my divorce it was the first time in my life where i ever experienced panic attacks. I felt as though I couldn't catch my breath. Like my head was spinning. It sucked. However, I never felt as though I was out of control. I just felt frustrated because I couldn't understand what went wrong and why he had such a "screw you" attitude.

Women have a tendency to get more emotional when it come to the end of a relationship. Especially when we're the one getting dumped. Men move on and move forward, but women sit and wonder what we did wrong. We sometimes obsess.


Despite the fact, that women can act a little wacky and obsess about things; why is it that men are the ones that commit most crimes and are the most violent offenders when it comes to crime? Why is it that men are typically serial killers?

I'm not saying that all men are whack jobs and are serial killers. However, if every guy can declare every woman "crazy" then every woman can call every man...._________fill in the blank.

Why is it that men can have such irrational behavior, (i.e. marrying a woman half their age) and it's all looks pasted and not discussed.

Point is, men and worn are equal whack jobs and are equally crazy. Yet, for some reason women are the ones that get the bad rap. Although, I think most men would say that's because we bled for 5 days and don't die.


Anonymous said...

The phrase "but that's justified crazy" just gave me chills.

Erin Austin said...

Wow if that's all it takes to give you chills...

Anonymous said...

Be nice .... I'm having flashbacks after hearing that radio segment.