Thursday, February 16, 2012


I hate to bag on a lot of my fellow females, but this week it has been bugging me after hearing stories about girls I know. I also decided to write this after some comments over the years about how I'm sooo bean to guys! So let's make my meanness even.

In the last several years of being completely single I've seen a lot things that women go through or do in relationships that just confirms that women are the weaker sex and men rule.


It happens all the time. A guy cheats on his wife or girlfriend and she stays because she lives him. WRONG! She stays because she's weak and refuses to stand up for herself. She stays because she really thinks he'll change. Or maybe he lies and said he'll change. Point is, she's weak because she believes his lies.


This one makes me want to snack a bitch every time I see some woman that just wants to be taken care of. Granted, different strokes for different folks. However, when you're that woman who has decided to let the man rule every aspect of your life and that includes how much money you can have. Then you have thrown in the towel and made yourself the weaker sex.

I can think of a girl I know that goes from guy to guy, from one serious relationship to the next, because shes a nanny and doesn't name a ton of money so she dates guys and then moves in with them so she has a place to live. Then when her boyfriend dumps her, she finds the next sucker, digs her claws in, within a month they're raking marriage and she's moved in. That girl is weak. Why because she can't do it by herself like a big girl should.


Every girl has a friend that they've had to talk off a ledge because she's upset by the way her man is treating her. I can think of a few myself...and a few times my friends have had that conversation with me.

I remember I had my former morning co-hosts in Milwaukee (Mathew and AJ) tell me that Mr. Dallas wasn't treating me very good towards the end. You know what, they were kind of right. But what did I do? In typical weak girl fashion, I just let it go on and made excuses for him until he decided to break up with me.

If I was was strong, I would've realized that it wasn't working out, that I should stick pup for myself and break things off.

Anytime you settle with being treated less than you want or more importantly, less than you deserve, then you are weak because you're allowing yourself to be taken advantage of and are settling.

Do you think if a guy had some chick treat him like shit that he'd sit there, make excuses, and take it? Maybe for a bit, but after a while even the dog that gets beaten, eventually bites sometime.

I'm not trying to bag on my species...just trying to open our eyes a little more.


mel said...

I'm pretty sure this can go both ways. Guys stick around for girls who treat them poorly. This happens all the time. I completely agree, however, that you can not expect respect when you tolerate constant disrespect.

Diver Dan said...


Do you really think that men are the only ones who cheat?

Men are the only ones who can be mean?

And men are the only ones who treat the other person like shit?

All of those terms are open to interpretation.

It might be a good idea for you to date a woman for about a year and both of you keep journals. Especially document fights and what caused them. You will be SHOCKED when you compare notes. Your perception and her perception will not even be close. Trust me. Sometimes dealing with a woman is like dealing with a mental patient.

My wife and I had a disagreement the other day about (really stupid!) AT&T and their “not-so-unlimited unlimited usage” for the iPhone. She said “Unlimited should mean unlimited.” I pointed out that “All You Can Eat” buffets have limits even though they advertise “All You Can Eat.” Her response” “That’s different because generally the food is bad for you.” WTF!!!??? (And by the way, generally speaking, woman have a difficult time sticking to issues thereby derailing the discussion and turning it into a fight. The discussion turned into a fight when I asked what the quality of the food had to do with the right to eat unlimited quantities. Before you knew it AT&T was forgotten and we were arguing about Chinese Buffets.)

Does this make me want to cheat on my wife? Of course not. Does it make her want to cheat on me? I hope not. It does make me wonder how on earth she navigates to work and back.

But this is the reason I suggest you keep a journal because time will give you better perspective on the issues. Besides, you’ll claim, “I never said that.” But when you see it in print in your own handwriting you’ll realize you did. And you defended it.

Mr. Dallas probably was a jerk. But sometimes we can all be jerks.

Erin Austin said...

Diver dan: I understand what you're saying but you're missing the point a little.

I think it's funny that matter if I bag or girls or guys...guys still think I'm bagging on them.

Of course I don't think that men are the only people that cheat...nor do I think men are the only ones that cheat people like shit (if you read to the bottom you would've seen it)

I do however think men are less tolerant when it comes to bring cheated on. Women stay fir one stupid reason to the next.

Men I think may be hurt and pissed...but they are far less likely to stay in that relationship.

I think women are scared, stupid, insecure or whatever...

How many times have you seen a woman that has a husband that's gas cheated abd when she finds out and stands by her man? Dies she stay for the money, because shes afraid to be alone,

Anonymous said...

It looks like Erin had too many glasses of wine when she posted her last comment...