Monday, February 13, 2012


Once again I spend Valentine's Day alone. And once again I participate in the HOT SHOW's 2nd Annual Shot Through The Heart. The first year I shot up my wedding photos and marriage license. Wait...I can't forget the card that my ex gave me when the relationship was going down the toilet.

This year I decided to shoot up a few things from my last major relationship... Mr.Dallas. Now, I don't hate Mr. Dallas despite the fact he screwed up my mental state for some time, and broke up with me over the phone. However, from the looks of this video it looks like I do hate him. Just to clarify I like to be kind of funny for the camera.

With one of my New Years resolutions being that I need to clean up my life in 2012. I decided that any anger I do/did have for Mr. Dallas or anyone else that's hurt me I need to get rid of.

So...let's get some aggression out!!!!


AmazingGreis said...

LOVE this! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

I'll be celebrating with a hot movie date with Reese Witherspoon tonight, alone. Yay for being single on a lovers holiday!

Anonymous said...

Nice lips, platypus!

steven said...

aww well Happy Valentines day to the Wisconsin girl we loved and heard everday. Hope all is well