Thursday, February 2, 2012


I stumbled upon this article and I thought it was too good not to share! Enjoy and Amen!

Author – Anam Ameen

Year after year we stumble upon a series of Mr.Wrongs! Every other guy you meet you think he is the one and before you know your on your way to splitsville and heartbreak. So ladies avoid heartbreak this year the award winning blog brings the list of the ten types of guys to avoid so that 2012 can be heartbreak free for all you beautiful women out there! So be picky and choose carefully cause a new year means a new start!

Because if you settle for MR LAME you will never find MR WONDERFUL!

Mr Damaged Goods

Now we all have problems and a past but Mr .damaged goods refuses to let his go. We girls sometimes mistake him for the strong and silent type but after a few conversations and a couple of drinks he lets it all out. He will either be crying over his ex or ranting about how all women are horrible creatures from hell! Clearly this guy is not over his ex so steer clear!

The Sleazy Creep

If you ever meet this guy at a party he would invite you to his place a million times, after you have said NO! Even if they seem like nice guys from afar just after a few words if they stare too much below your neck and invade your breathing space excuse yourself from such dudes and if they are still persistent then well using your tae kwon do skills on them wont do you any harm!

Mr. Needy

This guy is like Puss in boots from shrek, complete with the limpid pool eyes! Now ladies we all love charity but neediness is not a good basis for a healthy relationship. While it is great to help others out but this dude does not want to help himself. Stay way or forever be sucked into his black hole of doom!

Mr. Holier Than Thou

We all want honest truthful men but when they start acting like the high priest and condemning every single thing and become a party pooper in your life, well then you can say bye bye to fun. Such guys feel that it is their need to alter you as you are on your path to hell. DONOT ink about him. He will only make you feel bad about everything you do and you will be sucked into the whirlpool of depression only to become suicidal!

Mr. Cheapo

While the recession has sucked us all dry of our cash this guy is extra stingy. He never pays and always in the middle of an important “project” that needs all his finances. Usually you end up paying for your dates. Now there might be times when a lad is strapped for cash but a guy who is this stingy with his money will also be stingy with his emotions and affections. Leave the relationship NOW! Women like to feel pampered and lets go dutch means you go home alone!

Mr. Possessive

At first glance this guy is prince charming, he opens doors, saves you the problem of ordering for yourself and does not let you do anything.Girls be warned if a few weeks into the relationship you feel like your trapped in an airtight container then move out. Such controlling guys tend to have violent tendencies and that is no laughing matter.

The Bad Boy

Now we all love Johnny Depp, Chuck Bass and James Dean. Throughout the times all women lust over bad boys in the hopes that they will reform them. Sorry ladies but if the end of the world has not changed them chances are you won’t either. So stay away from them because they will only give you a broken heart and don’t be tempted by their fake i am just a softy at heart lie,it is just a facade.

The Bickerer

This dude has fight in him ! but not in a good way. Every conversation is an opportunity for contention and they’ll argue black is white and white is black, if it gets a reaction. A bit of banter has a tendency to turn tiresome with the fighter – so keep your cool and walk away before he ruins your life!

Mr False Hope

This man is an amazing liar! He is like a politician. He will keep on making promises. It is best to spot this jerk soon. He is unreliable never delivers what he promises. If you notice this quality early on do not continue a relationship with him. He is pretty capable of leaving you stranded alone in the Sahara desert.

Mr. God’s Gift to Women

This delusional idiot thinks he has the looks of adonis and the charm of don juan. He loves to be the center of attention and his mantra is “all eyes on me”.If a guy is selfish in the beginning of a relationship then rest assured you will be the farthest thing from his mind later on. Men who love them self too much have little love left in their hearts for other people. You don’t deserve to be with a jerk. Stay away from him.

Author – Anam Ameen


Anonymous said...

Dating is hard for everyone and it takes two to tango. I'm a guy, and I can tell you there are plenty of women who fit these categories as well. I think men tend to get more of a bad rap generally since mostly men are in charge of the world currently and also men generally tend to let things go easier and not take everything personally(e.g. there's no male equivalent expression to "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"

Both men and women just need to have enough self respect and do a good job trusting their instincts.

Anonymous said...

How old are you? Aren't you damn near 40? if not older.

This is the type of post a 15 year old girl writes in her LiveJournal.

Erin Austin said...

Haha! Good one! Not quite! Closer to 30 thanks :)

zaid said...

I liked what you said

would you like to have coffee sometime and talk?

steven said...


Love your posts about how you give advice not only from what you think but personaly experience. We miss you and wish you where back in Wisconsin. But you did hit the nail on the coffin of all of these i personally think. I read and learn from your posts and hope to read more from ya.

tim j said...

hey erin, i would love to date someone like you. i dont know why you are having such a hard time finding a good man because here i am. i have been trying to meet you for quite some time. you are a good woman i am good man let me email you and see what happens. i think we have a lot to talk about. you never know.