Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This isn't about how I hate being a woman because I have to pee sitting down. Or because I'm not strong to bench press a KIA. This is about things that other women do that make me shake my head and wish I wasn't a part of the female gender.

1. Girls that send pictures or videos of themselves naked via text! First of all, what the hell is wrong with you? It's one thing if you're sending it to a guy that you're in a relationship with, but that's even dangerous. The girls that send pics of their business to dudes they're trying to land is just plain stupid. Just like us, when we get a picture of them and show it to all our friends, they do the same thing and worse. (The term meat curtains comes to mind)

There's a guy I'm friends with and some girl that he met that doesn't even live in the same city sends him video of her playing with herself. Really? Is that necessary? Did her parents not give her enough attention as a child that now she sends guys videos of her va-jay jay?

2. Girls that go for married men. This one makes me want to smack a ho! This one also qualifies for girls that go after a guy that's dating someone. I know that there are some slim pickings out there when it comes to finding a decent man, but trust me when I say, if he's barking up your tree and he's with someone else...he's really not that great of a guy to begin with.

Why are we so weak as women that instead of finding a guy to call our own, we try to prove to ourselves and others that we can steal one from someone else? Does it make you feel good that you said he's with you? Like the saying goes and like Justin Timberlake sings "What goes around comes around."

3. Girls that dress like absolute prostitutes. Granted, I'll admit to wanting to wear some more scantily clad outfits. (Hence, why I bought the Brazilian Butt Lift workout video. Getting this bum bum high and tight.) However, there's a difference between looking sexy and dressing like Courtney Stodden, the 17 year old teen bride who will be in porn when she turns 18. I don't care what her mother says.

Call me a semi-feminist, jealous, or judgmental, but I guess to me I don't feel like we need to put our naughty bits on display to get noticed. Although, every time I go out here in Houston, or anywhere else I feel like the only girls that get noticed are the ones where I can see their uterus along with a side of tits.

That's just few of the examples I can come up with...give me a day or two and I could come up with more.


Attorneyfriedman said...

I'm sorry I don't agree W/you on the sending pics or videos. I have done that, it wasn't because I needed attention. It was because we had a long - distance relationship & sometimes you have to do things to keep their attention. For all I know, I may be the girl your talking about as we know the same ppl from working in radio??? Was it my smartest idea, no! Did I trust him, yes & I still do! This person once threatened to post that stuff when he was angry.......However he never did. I am a smart, educated woman. I didn't do it for attention or to land a man! I did it b/c we were "dating" and it's hard being in different cities. I'm not sure I would do it, for just any random guy, or if we were in the same city? At the time it felt right. The fact is, it's a woman's body & she has the right to do with it what she chooses! I've sent the same thing to my current BF, he's on the road a lot. It's a fun way to keep things spicy! Don't act like you've never done it. Come on!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree...there is nothing more that irritates me than skanky women. My theory is that women will never get men to treat them like Ladies until women actually act like ladies. Leaving nothing to the imagination takes the fun out of of everything! Another thing that makes me wish I wasn't a woman, are drunk girls that can't handle themselves... Thanks for letting me rant, you are right on point this week Erin!