Friday, December 9, 2011


The non-negotiable series deals with factors in a relationship that I think are must haves for me and for most people. This particular topic is one that I think is a must for everyone...not just a few people.

The first thing that is non-negotiable is GOOD SEX!! I think that most people in this day and age are having sex before they are married. If you are in that majority, then listen up.

When you enter to a relationship most times the purpose is to find your mate. So think for a moment that the person you marry and spend the rest of your life with is someone you can't stand in the bedroom. That to me sounds like absolute torture.

To some sex isn't very important. To that I say, maybe that they never had good sex and what the heck is wrong with you? But those of us that have had good sex, can you imagine being with someone for the rest of your life that isn't good in bed? You might as well be in prison. And for that matter I know how that feels.

For instance, my ex was never wanting to have sex with me (now I have issues with that) and not only that, but he wasn't very adventurous or passionate. So when we would get it on it was very mechanical and something that left you with a feeling of "that's it? Did HE even have fun?"

My personal opinion is that if we all married people that we were more sexually compatible with that there could/would be less cheating in America. Think about that for a second. There's a guy I know that was a big fan of "blow jobs." Yet, the chick he married couldn't stand them. Now for the rest of his life he's "stuck" with the chick that will never give him one of his favorite things in the bedroom.

I know there are certain things I'm a big fan of in the bedroom and don't think for a second that I'm gonna stick with some guy for the rest of life that will not do it. I've done that once and I'm not doing it again.

translation: When even the neighbors go out for a smoke.

To recap: I'm not saying go and marry someone that is only good in bed. What I'm saying is, before you walk down that aisle or stay in that relationship for year after year, if the sex is "just OK" then you may want to rethink that.


AmazingGreis said...

I absolutely agree...compatibility in the bedroom is a MUST!! I don't think SEX is the most important part of a relationship, but it's a pretty big part of it.

Anonymous said...

SEX isn't the reason people cheat. It's the EXCUSE they use! Most people cheat because they are insecure about something in the relationship.

zaid said...

I don’t agree with that Because you are saying that old people should not get in a relationship or get married because they cant have good sex and for the women side after she gets 45 that means the man should leave her and that’s just cruel. The most important thing in a relationship is communication
I am sorry Erin you sounded like a high school girl very shallow

Erin Austin said...

Sorry zaid but you sound like an idiot!! Are you reading the blog or are you just looking at it and making some half ass assumption?

Nowhere in that blog do I talk about women that are too old!! Or do I mention the age 45 or am i gender specific.

Zaid if you are going to comment on the blog...know what you are actually commenting on. I think this the 2nd time at least where you've made some off the wall comment.

I'll let it go this time but the next time you comment on something and your response doesn't make sense i will not post it!

Anonymous said...

Well said Erin.

zaid said...

I am sorry erin if I upset you I did not mean that

Anonymous said...

Most men cheat simply because they want sex with someone new. No matter how beautiful their wife/girlfriend is or how compatible they are in the bedroom, men are just wired to desire someone new, especially if they've been together with the same woman for a long time.

Men who won't cheat are either too lazy to pursue something new or love their wife/girlfriend too much to risk hurting them. However,if someone came on to them aggressively and offered them the possibility of sex, most men would have an incredible difficult time turning it down.