Friday, December 30, 2011


Now before you get all opinionated and tell me that I don't need it or that I should reconsider, let me tell you why I've decided I'm going to do this.

Ever since I was a kid I've have had a deviated septum. Most times it's inside where no one can see. However, mine is both. The septum is crooked and can be seen from the outside. It's not totally obvious to anyone when they talk to me. I generally point it out and then they see it.

Last year I had surgery to fix my deviated septum and it only worked partially. The part internally was fixed but the part (that I really wanted fixed) that can be seen on the outside was not fixed even though they attempted to fix it.

I can't help it! No matter how much time has passed, whether I'm single or in a relationship, I want to make this change. I want to make this change for me!

So now I've decided to stop just wishing to make this change and do something about it. Last year at New Year's I made it as one of my resolutions, but didn't really take action until the end of the year. Something finally hit me and I started researching plastic surgeons. I have a friend that is a nurse anesthetist and asked him if there was anyone he recommended.

I made an appointment for a consultation with the surgeon that my friend suggested. He was super friendly and asked after looking at what was functionally wrong with my nose if there was anything else I'd like done. The first thing I said was I'd like to look less like a female Abraham Lincoln.

He told me that when I walked in his office that he never would've said I needed a nose job, but after taking some pictures and seeing what I wasn't happy with, he showed me some images of what he would change and how it would look. He has done some amazing work. In fact, he was even on Oprah for some of the facial reconstruction work he's done.

So now I'm just waiting to hear if the insurance company will be nice enough to cover the functional part of my surgery. If not not the cost will just about double. The part I'd need to come up with is hard enough.

I've decided that if insurance covers the medical part of my surgery that I will sell my old wedding ring to pay for part of my portion of the surgery. I doubt I'll get enough to cover all of it so I've decided to do some fundraising to help with costs.

The next thing that I've decided to do in the next several weeks, I'll go to several busy intersections in the area and hold up a sign asking for money. I know it'll be weird to hold a sign that says "NEED MONEY FOR MY PLASTIC SURGERY," but hey...if that's what I got to do to make this happen...then by God we're going to do it! (At least I'm being honest)

I know by posting this I'm opening myself up to some harsh criticism. And as much as I'm not ready to hear people be mean and rude, I'm aware that it's going to happen. Because well...opinions are like assholes and everyone has one.

All I know is that this is the thing that has always bothered me since I was a kid. Sure, did I hate being the flat chested girl through middle school and high school? Hell ya!! It sucked! But now that I'm older my boobs maybe small but they're still upright and perky. (like a 21 yr old) So until the day comes where my boobs look something you'd see in a National Geographic Magazine, I'm gonna leave them as is!

Now as for the people that are going to hate. I know that what I'm concerned about may seem menial compared to some people's bigger worries. However, everyone is capable of doing the same thing I'm doing. They can make they're own websites as well. Fund raise, beg, sell, whatever they need to do. To the people that are saying I don't need to do this surgery. Well, maybe I don't, but if I told you I wanted breast implants would you have a different opinion?

We all have things that will make us happier. If there's a way for you to make yourself happier and more confident, then do what you can to make it happen.


Reno Cochino said...

Hey Erin,
I'd say go for it! If that makes you happy, then that makes you happy. You do whatever you want to do because it's your nose. People can state their opinions all day, but they don't have to go home with a deviated septum. Personally, I find your nose very cute and not even close to the size of Pres. Lincoln's nose. With that said, enough of the wishing and go do it!

Reno Cochino(from the Hot Show chat)

AmazingGreis said...

I think you look great as is, but I get it...I know how life changing surgery can be and with that I say good for you! Good luck, hope you are able to raise/save the money you need.

Anonymous said...

So you think a new nose will fix your dating issues.... Hmmmm....

Perhaps if you didn't look down your nose at others so much you wouldn't notice the minutia imperfection.

Next: Erin notices that her fingers are crooked while pointing at "idiots". Visits Dr. Rose to see if they can be fixed.

Next: Erin has her asshole beached when, while squatting over a mirror to check it out, notices unsightly stains.

Next: Erin complains to her therapist that "men are shallow and only into her looks." Erin also discovers that she couldn't possibly date short or slightly out-of-shape guys unless they had lots of money.

Reno and AmazingGreis are both morons.

Erin Austin said...

Who ever said I thought that fixing my nose would fix my dating problems? I DIDN'T!!! If you read the blog you would've seen I said I want to do this for me.

Thanks for the tip on bleaching my ass...I'll look into it!

Thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

Go to the corner of Westhiemer and 610 in front of Derrick hotel. Lots of people pass by there. You'll make lots of money. I'll give you money if you're in that corner. Good luck.

dcdarling002 said...

I think that if it makes you more confident and happy, go for it. What I am not 100% on is the asking people to fund it for you. Save your money, get an extra job, finance it, just make it happen FOR YOURSELF. There are far worse people in worse situations who could really use the help. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

How much is a nose job?

And while we're dancing around the obvious, how much is a blow job?

Anonymous said...

Good for you making a decision to change something you're not happy with and being brave enough to speak out about it!

Can you share the name of the doctor you've decided to go with? I too am considering the same thing but haven't found the right doctor yet. I tried googling him based on what you said about him being on Oprah but didn't have much success.

Good luck raising the money!!

Erin Austin said...

The cost of a nose job varies depending on what needs to be done.

To fix my deviated septum along with the cosmetic part...w/o insurance it's $12000. With insurance it's cut in about half.

As for the other....How about $6000? That should cover it!

Anonymous said...

Is $12k or $6k a lot of money? I assumed radio and other media jobs paid more, but I guess it doesn't.

Erin Austin said...

Most people think that! There are some people that make a ton but most of us are scraping by.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you save yourself some money and just use cocaine ,it opens up your nasal passages gives you a good high and fixes your nose problem. Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

So we've established your character. You'll give a total stranger a blow job. Now we're just dickering over the price... no pun indented.

I'm just playing with ya Erin.

Who do I make the $6000 check out to and when can we meet?

Sana depth said...

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