Wednesday, November 30, 2011


In the English language there are a few words deemed as bad words. Among the female gender there are several other words that aren't usually thought of as offensive, but when we hear them we immediately are filled with anger and disgust!

1. "FINE"

Most people aren't offended by this word. However, when a woman asks the man in her life how she looks and his response is "fine," we tend to get a bit pissy. No woman ever wants to look just "fine." Find another adjective to use when describing how she looks. How about amazing, stellar, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy...I'll even take do-able! Don't use the word "fine" unless you want to be sleeping on the couch that night.

Also, we aren't too pleased to hear it when we ask you how you're doing or if everything is OK. You see, women tend to use the word "fine" when in reality things are anything but "fine." So when you use it we tend to think there are things that are bothering you. You see what I'm saying here?


No girl wants to be called "friend" when in a dating situation. Most girls would rather be introduced as "Hey everyone meet Erin." vs. "Hey Everyone! I want you to meet my "friend," Erin." #FAIL

When you call a girl "friend" and she's interested in you, you might as well have said, "Hey everyone! Meet the girl that if I saw her naked I'd barf, Erin!" That's what a girl hears when that evil "F" word.

If you've slept with her already and you introduce her as a friend, she'll take that as "this guy only thinks of me as a F$&K friend. (another F-word and double negative) If you introduce her just by her name in that situation, you haven't dug yourself in a hole. #WIN

If you haven't slept with her yet and you call her "friend," then you might as well tell her she's ugly because she now thinks she's in the friend zone and that you don't find her attractive. Again, if you just intro her by name, you have wiggle room on both ends!

3. "FAT"

For obvious reasons this is a bad word! I shouldn't really explain why this makes women furious. There's really no way of making this a positive. Unless you spell fat with a "PH" that has a better feel to it.

For guys there really isn't a easy way to deal with this subject. Almost like you're damned if you do, you're damned if you don't. If you're girl ever asks you if she looks fat and you say're screwed. If you tell her out of nowhere that she's fat...then you ruin her self esteem...and are screwed!

The best way to avoid this issue is to compliment her before she goes and fishes for it. If you think she looks good in an outfit, tell her. So when the day comes that she asks you how she looks and maybe it's not the most flattering outfit, you can then say, "Babe I think that other outfit looks better! You look so sexy in it!" That way you're telling her that the outfit she has isn't the best fit but you still think she's attractive. That way you don't have your girl getting all self conscious on you. It's all about laying down the positive ground work ahead of time.

Also, if you actually do think you're girl is fat or gained a few lbs., then make sure that you make it a team effort in a positive way. Suggest healthier eating together, and working out together.

Hopefully this helps...and ladies if there are any "F" words that you can't stand let me know!


AmazingGreis said...

Yes, definitely never call her fat, ever!!

Anonymous said...

I'm smart, so I would rather be called "fat" than "dumb". I guess if a girl is insecure and puts what she looks like above everything else than "fat" would destroy her. Also, it's not the job of a man to always compliment you. Just because people tell you something you want to hear, does not mean it's true.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a guy never wins, dam if he does or dam if he does not....