Wednesday, November 16, 2011


There's never a good time to break off a relationship. One time that is definitely not good is during the holidays. So if you've been wavering on dumping somebody Thursday November 17th, 2011is the day to do the deed so you don't look like a total jerk.

No matter if it's the guy dumping the girl or vice versa, a lot of relationships go down the toilet around the holidays. Sometimes its been festering for awhile, but then when the thought of spending the holidays with them, their family, or buying them gifts and that's when you decide to pull the trigger. To avoid being talked about for years to come, break up now before you become the person that has tarnished the 2011 holidays for them forever.

When thinking about this topic I for one second thought "Wow! That's never happened to me." Then I remembered that's how it went down when I got separated. You see in this instance I was the jerk that ruined Christmas...not only for him, but for myself. I had the "I love you but I'm not in love you" speech a week or so before Christmas. And if memory serves me right I moved out the day after Christmas into my lil 1 bedroom apt.

Despite the fact that I knew we were going down the tubes I still went out and bought him a Christmas present. He on the other hand, was probably hoping that he dodged a bullet. However, when he found out I got him something he hurry up and ran to the store Christmas Eve and bought me...SWEATPANTS!! Yep, at least they were Addidas?

Now I'm sure the ex doesn't really care when we separated, but I think girls hold things a little longer and take it more personally. So, if you've been thinking about dumping the birch and making a better do it soon. Or you're forever going to be known as the person that shat on the holidays.

Whatever the reason is, may it be that you just can't the sight of them or you're just tired of spending you're hard earned money on their butt...Dump them on the official day if 2011. Dump them now before you let it go on longer and become "that guy" or "that girl."


Anonymous said...

I got dumped on Christmas day after having dinner with her whole family at the
Ex's house. This is my first holidays being single she dumped me last year after a close to a two year relationship. ... come to find out she cheated on me and soon as she dumped me she was with someone else.. I seriously got hurt, but i know she thinks of me now and again because I truly loved her. She will never find someone who truly cared about her like I did.

Anonymous said...

To the guy who left his 2 cents---

Pull up your damn skirt Sally and stop blubbering. You embarrass men everywhere. Jesus H. Christ. You got a free dinner and got rid of a cheating lying whore. What are you crying about? Sounds like a nice time. For revenge you could always do her sister. Nothing pisses 'em off more than that. Bonus points: Bang her in your ex's bed!

Now Man up and move on!

Anonymous said...

Okay. Here's an idea for Anon 1:

See if you can get the cheating girlfriend back into bed for one last romp. After she's asleep leave her a Cleveland Steamer. Blow her a kiss and scram.

Extra points: Have an order of corn for lunch the day before at some chicken joint. You'll never even have to worry about even speaking to her ever again.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Talk about "Dump Day!"