Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Halloween is this weekend. And a lot of my friends are dressing up and some are doing it as a couple. My question is do you think that couples dressing up together is it cute or does it make you want to barf in your mouth? And when a couple starts dating how soon is too soon to bring the "couples costume" into the mix?

This is a hard topic for me to talk about because well...I haven't been a "couple" for quite some time! So there's been no opportunity for someone to be the bacon to my eggs. I will say that theres a part of me that thinks it's silly. Then there's the other part that's probably just jealous.

What about when you start dating soon is too soon to bring up the couple costume? I watched the show "Happy Endings" and tonight's episode was all about couple costumes. One girl had a guy dump her because she brought it up too soon. I mean is the couple costume that big of a deal? Are couple costumes like a stage in the relationship?

Another thought I had, are couples costumes a way for girls to mark their territory on their man? Do you guys like dressing up like that? I have a friend and every single Halloween she abd her boyfriend where matching costumes. Typically it's her idea and he just gies along with it.

Granted this topic isn't as controversial as some of the blogs I've written but I thought I'd let you give your thoughts vs. me spouting off my opinion.


Anonymous said...

I think it's kind of cute. I have more of a problem with all the costumes for women being slutty and the price! The mother and baby costume on Happy Endings was great!

Erin Austin said...

I agree!! Not sure why chicks always dress like hussy's on halloween but I my thighs are ready for that kind of exposure.

And that Mom/baby costume was hilarious!!! I love that show!