Friday, June 3, 2011


Every once in awhile I need to explain my myself after I write a blog that's a little rough on some people. People like to tell me how my blog will scare guys off. They even think that it'll scare off the good guys. Which maybe true, but if you know me you'll know that I'm really not that scary.

I will say, that I write blogs about guys and the stupid things they've done to me or my friends. Like I've stated before, I never mention names. I sometimes give guys nicknames, but in other cases I've left it rather anonymous. I mean, if you're one of the people close to me, you already know who the person is. It's the rest of the world that has no clue. They just now know what a douche that person is.

I have always looked at this blog as a release for me. Almost like a diary, except everyone can read it. Hence, why I conceal people's identity. What's troublesome is some people have recently read my blog and have become worried that if the people I've talked were to read that they might do something because of it.

Here's the thing, The people I write about most of the time I hope the read it. I want them to know that I think they're a douche, or a idiot. Like the guy that fell off the face of the planet and got back into a relationship with a chick within a couple weeks. I mean, did he think I'm an idiot and wouldn't put 2 and 2 together? I want him to know that I'm on to him even though his GF is blind.

When I write about that guy or others, part of me wants them to feel bad a little. Or have enough balls to apologize for being a jerk. Even though neither one of those will probably ever happen.

I know that I probably scare off a lot of guys. Which is kind of disappointing, but at the same time all I need to find 1 guy that I like that can handle me. Just 1 guy that's secure enough in himself. Just 1 guy that is up for the challenge and going to treat me well. Just 1 guy that's not shady and trying to get with me and all my friends or co-workers...or half the city of Houston for that matter.

I may scare guys, but really I don't bite. I'm just a girl that wears her heart on her sleeve, and wants to find a guy that can handle Erin Austin. Most can' I just keep trying.

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Don H Facebook friend said...

Don't apologize for the way you feel, or what you say on your blog. If anyone does not want to read it, they do not have to. As far as I can tell your not forcing anyone to read it, and if they have anything to say about it....well here is thye comment section, duh. I feel the only way you intimidate anyone is with your success and beauty. I'm not afraid of getting so you go girl. cya!