Thursday, May 26, 2011


Every girl has had it happen to her. A moment, when a guy she knows, or is in a relationship with, pulls what I call a "DICK MOVE." The "DICK MOVES" vary in degree. It can be anything from not calling the girl again, to standing her up, or even worse...the "ULTIMATE DICK MOVE" dating more than one girl at a time or cheating on her. My question is: Do guys ever feel bad when they look back on those "DICK MOVES" they pulled on girls?

In the last couple of months I personally have experienced some pretty BIG DICK MOVES! Let me see if you think they are, and tell me if you think a guy ever feels bad about it later.


So there's a guy that I thought was super attractive. Turns out he lives in the neighborhood and we have mutual friends. We exchanged numbers and he texts me one day asking "So when are we getting together?" So I said, "What about Thursday?" He then asks "Where?" Now, the first thing I was thinking is this guy is making me do all the work! Uhh LAME.

So I suggest that we do happy hour for sushi. There was a place I wanted to try and he was all about it. So, Happy Hour it is for sushi. The only thing we didn't nail down was a time.

Thursday rolls around and it's thundering like a mutha! I haven't heard from him in 2days and part of me was thinking he might bail on me, so I send him a text saying, "I know the weather is crazy, but are we still on for happy hour?"

HIM: Stuck at Work :(
ME: Till?
HIM: 5:30. Rolling to bingo in heights if u wanna join us! My homie is moving into our apts that I'm going with. Roll with us!
Be at my apt at 6:00 Apt 456

Now the first thing that comes in my head is, "WHAT THE FRICK?" We had plans and he forgot and made other plans??? Considering I had a feeling he was going to bail on me my friend Laura and I were coming up with my plan B earlier which happened to be BINGO.

ME: Funny you say that cuz Laura invited me to go
HIM: Cool Y'all roll with us
HIM: Or not. See U there

OK so I guess I'll just meet him there...weird! I call him on the way to see if he was there already or if he needed us to save him a spot. NO ANSWER!

So, Laura and I get there and he's nowhere to be found. We look around the room and nothing. HE NEVER SHOWS AND NEVER CALLS BACK!!! What's even better, is this guy then posts a picture on Facebook of him holding a Sapporo Beer in his hand with a sushi menu on the table!!!! AGAIN...WTF???

The icing on the cake is that he deleted the picture the next morning! Hmmmm!

This guy is the one that wants to get together yet, not only does he ditch out his original plans with me, but then ditches on the 2nd round of plans!! How RUDE!

I think my favourite part of it all was the picture on Facebook. (Note to guys: You're shady...we will find you out!) That and the fact that this guy is supposed to be a good church boy!

Hey Church guy!!!! W.W.J.D???? I don't think Jesus would've stood me up for sushi and then stood me up for bingo!! I think if Jesus didn't really want to hang out with me he wouldn't have asked. And if Jesus had a better offer, Jesus would've called and said that maybe he needs a rain check.

I heard from him 2 days later and all his text said was "Tennis?" Needless to say I was a bit busy, and since then I've never heard from him.


This kind of goes back to my last blog a bit.

Go on a few dates with dude. Texting all the time. Rumours start that he is trying to pick up other women that I work with. Yet, he's still texting and talking to me. Then all of the sudden NOTHING! POOF! He pulls a Houdini and stops communicating. Next thing I see a few weeks later, Dude is in a relationship! That was fast!!!

Was this guy only trying to get into my pants? Was he with this chick the whole time and kept talking to me 'just in case' old faithful falls through? If this guy really decided that we weren't really a match, why wouldn't he just have enough balls to say, "Hey I think you're a nice girl, but I still have feelings for my ex, no hard feelings. Let's be friends." Or "Hey I think you're funny, but I like chicks with kids! And I want a family yesterday! We're just not a fit." Why not just be honest?? Why be a coward about it? We're all adults.

I just don't understand when men have this lapse in better judgement why don't they seem to ever feel bad. Why don't they apologize for being an idiot and pulling some DICK MOVE? Wouldn't it be better in the long for you to have a clean reputation than have it tarnished with women out there thinking you're a moron??

I would just like to know if guys ever feel bad for doing stupid stuff and making bad decisions.


wilson said...

I think men generally have poorer communication skills compared to in point, do you see men gather around in the locker room talking about their feelings?

Having said that they do leave lots of signs that they may not be into you or that they are potential jerk material...for eg the first guy that asked you out for sushi changes his plans to play bingo. You should have seen the signs that if he wanted to spend some alone time with you, bingo with his homies would not have been an option. So the warning signs were displayed but you chose to turn up, laying the grounds to greater disapppointment...

Have you considered that perhaps you're opening the door just a tad too widely for these jerks to treat you badly?


AMR said...

In my opinion, a good man will feel anguish over hurting a woman - and any person for that matter.

I doubt the men from your story feel any sort of remorse for their tasteless, disrespectful acts toward you. They are narcissists.

There's a chance they know what they did makes them complete tools, so they'll probably disappear and not face you so they can act like they're still perfect.


Anonymous said...

Just my opinion here, but I think you are giving these guys the opportunity to illustrate their "Dick Moves".

Guy number one, he was obviously not interested enough to stay in touch and confirm the happy hour plans. It should have been HIM that was calling or texting to confirm, not you. After that, you let him treat you like a fool and, well, he succeeded, regardless of the fact you were going to Bingo anyway, you still spent time and energy looking for him...

Guy number two, you let that keep going even after you suspected that he wasnt being "faithful". You should have cut him off right then and there with a confrontation of the facts.

To answer your question, Do guys ever feel bad... Most of them are self-centered little boys that were never taught to be respectful of women, much less anyone else. They are feeble minded little boys, not men. If you cant find someone thatwill give you respect, keep looking, we are out here and would love the opportunity to find a beautiful, intelligent, confident woman like yourself. You are classy and fun and anyone that doesnt or cant see that does NOT deserve you or your time.

Anonymous said...

If he were in to you he wouldn't let anything come in the way of talking/texting/emailing you much less ditch on seeing you. If a guy blows you off you need to cut off communication. Done! Done! Done! If he can't give u the time of day in the beginning he never will! Realize what you are worth and stop chasing!!!! You are an amazing person with a lot to offer. I think the problem is that you don't really believe it. Be confident, sit back and LET THEM COME TO YOU! If they don't put effort into it, forget it! He doesn't deserve you anyways

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that I know the man you are talking about. It sure is funny how things get around. He tried all the same things with me and sent me the very same texts you posted. What a small world. I think that someone should use him for his money and whatever else just to teach him a lesson!! Yours truly!!! Wonder if you got the same story has me about the ex-wife and current on again off again girlfriend...

That Girl said...

I so agree with you. I hate when guys make plans with you after trying to get atcha with their best game, texting you late nights and doing their constant complimenting, and then they make plans with you only to end up FORGETTING their plans they made with you in the first place and making up some lame excuse about why they couldn't go.

I knew one guy that asked me to volunteer at this place with him and I was all hyped about it for a week in advance, and then the day comes for us to meet up and he says that he has to go on a biking trip all day and won't be able to get back in time! I found out like a whooole month later that he didn't even go on the biking trip! He stayed home all day and had the nerve to keep on texting me after that like nothing happened, and invited me to hang out with him later the next week where he ended up flaking last minute... again!

Maaan, guys suck sometimes; I'm only 16 still, but I sure do hope that the guys I know mature up one day!

Anonymous said...

Dick # 3: The guy who dates few girls at a time and thinks he got his "game on". He is sleek, sweet talker... would probably even post some ambiguous "love song quotes" on fb saying how he's into THE girl, making you feel it's all about you... at the same time the other chicks that are also his fb friends think he is talking about them, of course...all smiley faces :)
I was one of them... and funny when I "broke it off" he would call, text, leave vm, do anything to "get you back".
Men's egos are simply ridiculous. He didn't want me/you back because OMG he cares so much about you, he wants YOU back because you have turned him away, and that won't give him a time of day... He wants to be in control... He wants to show off in front of his buddies

Dick # 4: The one that dates you for few months, yet he's really not that into you. Yet, when you want to cut it off he won't let you - same ego problem... question is...why do you waste our time?

Men are just.... feel free to finish my sentence