Monday, May 2, 2011


God knows I worry about more than I should. I let things bother me that shouldn't. I sometimes let people treat me less than I should be treated. I date guys that aren't worth my time. I need to stop it and stop wasting the pretty.

Most women have heard of the book "He's Just Not That Into You." Most of us ladies have also seen the movie multiple times. In the book the author, Greg Behrendt, uses a phrase that I think all of ladies need to repeat to ourselves on a daily basis - DON'T WASTE THE PRETTY!
All of us ladies at some point let men treat us less than what we deserve. I've been guilty of this and I've had enough.

In the recent months I've started doing a better job of setting up boundaries for myself. Before when I went out with a guy I might've let them get away with stuff and treat me poorly. I might've been willing to sleep with them because in my head I thought they might actually like me. Now, it's a different story, I need to know you're gonna stick around and if you're gonna treat me like crap, you're not worthy of spending time with me.

In one of my last dating experiences, I thought that this guy might actually be interested in me. He was coming out of a long term relationship and there had been a few rumours about him. Despite this, I thought he was a good guy and had good intentions. Then I started realizing that that he might be in for one thing. He'd send inappropriate texted messages. Now considering I never have seen him naked or vice versa I thought "what's this about?" Now if he were my boyfriend, I'd talk dirty to him till the cows come home, but the fact that we weren't and never even slept together I started to think that this guy was looking for his next conquest.
Now, I don't think this guy is a bad guy, I just think he's going through a phase and looking for what most guys do after a break up...nothing serious!

After that I beat myself up quite a bit. I wondered "will I ever find a guy that actually likes me? I even wondered if the reason he doesn't talk to me anymore is because I did NOT sleep with him...and if I did would he still be talking to me? I even beat myself up thinking wondering what I do when I meet people that gives them the idea that they can try to pull that behavior on me.


I should not care if the reason that that guy doesn't talk to me anymore is because I wouldn't sleep with him. I'm not looking for Mr. 2 weeks. I'm looking for someone that wants to be around for awhile. Someone that actually cares about me not someone that cares about how I look naked.

I should not beat myself and worry about if I did the right thing or not. Because at the end of the day it appears that we're looking for 2 different things. He was looking for a good time and is sowing his oats, while I'm looking for someone to respect me and make a part of their life.

You see I worried about whether this guy liked me. I was wasting the pretty. Instead I should've said to myself, "It's his loss and I deserve better."

Over the years I can think of so many times I wasted the pretty. I wasted the pretty on worrying what I did wrong. I wasted the pretty on guys that didn't deserve me. I wasted the pretty on guys that aren't capable of giving me what I need and deserve. And I wasted the pretty on why it(love) hasn't happened yet.

So many of us are afraid of being alone that we stay in relationships we shouldn't or let people treat us less than what we deserve because we're afraid we won't find anything better. Instead we should know that if he doesn't respect you that you need to get out and find someone that does and deserves your pretty.

Here's to starting a new day of standing up for yourself and what you deserve. Here's to me not worrying why he didn't call or if he thinks I'm good enough, because I am. He was just too blind too see it. Here's to me not worrying about people that I shouldn't give them the time in my head.

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