Sunday, May 22, 2011


I know that seems like a cheesy Charlie Sheen reference, but it's not. I'm seeing more douchebags having their cake and eating it too. Douchebags that go out and try to have their way with half of the single women in Houston and somehow find a girl that will fall for their B.S. In this blog I will tell you about the douchebags that I've met, dated, or that my friends have dated, and how those guys think that they're winning! When really they aren't.

Let's start with one of my friends' douchebags. This couple dated for about 5 years. They lived together; they had a dog together, and were planning on getting a house together. Then my friends' BF comes back from a work trip and decides that he can't be in a relationship and doesn't give her a reason why other than he needs to be by himself. (Note to women: Anytime a guy says he needs his really means he needs his space inside another woman...just saying)

Now, this douchebag that couldn't be in a relationship has gone off the deep end. Getting drunk all the time and now "dating" a bisexual bartender with a kid! Can you say she sounds like a gem? does he! Thing is...he thinks he winning!

Or how about my other girlfriend who was engaged to a guy that had a girl on the side for who knows how long. This guy totally mind f#cked my friend. The poor girl finally saw it for herself and he still tried to deny it! Really? Do you think she's dumb and blind? NO! She's neither. She's one of the nicest, most positive people I've ever met. Love her!

Now let's give you a couple of the douchebags that have crawled my way.

Let me introduce you to "Burrito Boy." A successful business man that has a certain swag about him. He and I went out on 5 or 6 dates when he told me he doesn't date. When I asked what he called this, he started spewing off how he remembers moments and not dates. He remembers the important things and doesn't label them with dates.

This guy also told me that a girl who is in media here in Houston was like his sister. They hung out all the time. Oh...but she's just like his sister to him. In fact, she was supposedly dating his best friend. Or was she???? Turns out, this girl who was like a sister to him, was actually a girl he dated about the same time as me. (Wait, he didn't date me...that's right) So apparently, this guy likes to sleep with girls like his sister!! Awesome! BTW, this guy who claims he doesn't date and couldn't be in a relationship now has a girlfriend. Interesting!

Now let’s, give you the latest and greatest example.

There's a guy here in Houston that I was set up with. He's well known in the community, a very successful business owner, and well connected.

He's been divorced for about a year now, and half that time he's dated someone. They broke up and he was on the prowl. Getting set up with women in every direction. When I met him he came highly recommended but also came with a warning from others. So I treaded cautiously.

He pursued me. He asked me to dinner. He brought me as his date to a charity gala. He even told me that his late father if he were alive would've "loved me!" I thought things were going pretty good. Until I started noticing that he would call and text, but never ask me out. I thought that was strange. Something was a little fishy. I asked a guy friend about it. His response, "sounds like he's f#@king someone else." Hmm...That was my feeling as well.

So, he falls off the face of the planet. I haven't heard from him in about a month now. However, I look on Facebook and see he's back in a relationship with the mother of 2 that he dated for 6 months! Really??? That's interesting timing!! In a month you already have a girlfriend?? I have a feeling that while he's off trying to hook up with half of Houston, this woman was still and always in the picture. In fact, I'd put money on it.

Now this guy acts like he's so great and innocent. I wonder if his girlfriend would like to know that he tried sleeping with several women in my office. I wonder if his girlfriend would appreciate knowing that her "perfect and precious" boyfriend sent me a dirty text just one month ago that read: "I want to kiss u, suck on ur nipples and then eat ur pie!!!"

I could give you a few more examples that are way juicier, but I'll leave it at that!!!! My point has been made.

You know what's funny about this, is that the more that the pieces start coming together it gets more boggling. The fact that this guy was trying get with me and a couple other women I work with. But not only that, as it turns out he was trying to date half the medical staff at some hospital.

Did he realize that he probably cast out too many lines on his fishing expedition for women and decided to go back with what's comfortable? I mean, it obviously worked out the first you tried dating!!!

Maybe if he didn't try to sleep with everyone, he would've found a nice girl. Instead, he thinks he's winning, when really he's settling! Congrats indeed to the "Happy Couple." I hope that she realizes just because a guy has money doesn't mean he'll treat you well.

Don't misconstrue me outing this guy or the others because I want them back or that my friends want them back. We don't. It's that fact that these men think they can have their cake and eat it too. They can do what they want, because there will always be some woman that will date them. A woman that turns a blind eye because she sees dollar $$$$, or because she sees power, or wants the life of seeing her face in the society section.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Sounds like the guy you just dealt with is the definition of douche bag! Just be glad you aren't with him (although it sounds like you are glad) b/c I am positive he's going to cheat on his girlfriend or future wife. AND that's his idea of a dirty text?!?Uh..ok. Clearly he's bad in bed! It's like the cover of TIME mag this week: "what makes powerful men act like pigs." That's him! Good Luck to you, Mr. I think I'm cool because I own a business in Houston!

Anonymous said...

Apparently you are attracted to a certain type of men. If you are constantly running into the same type of men, isn't that a clue you might be looking for the wrong things? (just saying)

I believe it is common knowledge that there are these types of men out there. Men who will chase their cock around all day until they find a fire to put out. Birds of a feather flock together so you should look at a new flock. The "likezafuk" bird is one that always flies away.

Erin Austin said...

To Anonymous #2,

You maybe right, however it's not like I find them all in the same place. I was set up with that guy and thought that he might be a decent guy. Trust me, I was a little more than shocked when I started getting the dirty texts considering we were never intimate.

It's not like I'm finding all these guys in bars. ya know?

Maybe I need to figure out if there's something in their personality that i'm attracted to and never have realized. Hence attracting the douches.

Not sure. All I know is my single friends in other parts of the country have the same problem.

Let's face it, there maybe good guys out there but us ladies have to weed through a lot of the bad ones first apparently.

Anonymous said...

Birds of a feather....

steve said...

yes you ladies do sometimes you dont see the good guys that are right infront of you that are nice yet dont have something. I know you are going to find someone and i hope you do you are a good lady and deserve the best and Wisconsin Misses ya

Marco said...

Well it works both ways not all women are saints ya know. Although i've never called a woman a douchebag to put them in those terms!!! You have your gold diggers who are in it just for the perks. Then there are those women who are just attracted to that type of person, and then try and change them thinking they could be changed. Though most fall short and reek the consequences. You win some and lose some, and some guys are just douchebags who will never learn and don't realize what they have. It's true you have to weed out the toads before you find your prince who will respect you and cherish you. Don't worry just from your head shot it seems as if you won't have a problem at all. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think the reason that you can't find a good man is because maybe you're not a good woman? Should you really talk about how another girl has "bug eyes" and she has a man, or how everyone on your airplane is "fugly", or how the woman next to you is horrible. How would you feel if someone said all these things about you? Thanks to hair and makeup, there are millions of "pretty" women, so you really have to have something else to get and keep a good man. Eventually, the hair is going to look like a mess, the makeup is going to come off, butts are going to sag and wrinkes are going to form. It seems like a lot of people, both men and women, that read your blog, for some reason,put a lot of emphasis on looks. Do you have a college degree? Can you hold a conversation about politics, art, history, medicine, the world? Do you do charity work outside of radio? Do you "judge" people? Do you gossip about people? Do you make fun of people? Ask yourself these questions.

Erin Austin said...

To the last(coward)anonymous,

To answer your questions address some of your comments:

How would I feel about if people said stuff like about me?

Well they do all the time. Look at you. Hiding behind no name so you can get your jabs at me in public for everyone to see.

Do I have a college degree?
Yes I do. It may not be a masters but there are plenty of people that are successful in my business w/o them. My ex is one of them.
And furthermore, I've been putting serious consideration into going back to school and furthering my education.

Can I hold a conversation about politics, art, history, medicine, the world?

I think I can hold a conversation on all these matters. You seem to forget I've done extensive traveling by myself. Now am I the most educated on all of these topics? No. But I do feel like I could hold my own if I needed to.

Just because I write this blog mostly about relationships doesn't mean that that's the only layer to my depth and personality.

Do I do charity work outside of radio? It's funny you mention that. Not that I do a ton, but my therapist and I came up with a great way to fill my time and help out. That's volunteering with the local animal organizations here in Houston. Also, I help out various charities with fundraising galas.

Do I judge people? Of course I do! We all do. Haven't you judged me?? So to ask that question is asinine.

As for looking at people's appearence. I think most of us do at first glance. It's human nature.

If you are insinuating that I'm some shallow person that's only concerned with looks, you're wrong. My ex husband was bald and wore a toupee when we got together! So please. Those that don't know shouldn't speak.

Also, you should find a better hobby than stalking my facebook page and blog.

Oh and that woman next to me on the plane was miserable! If you were there you would've heard her complain about the child behind her and tell on that family to the flight attendant and asked to be moved.

Oh but that's right, you know me so well and know everything!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it took me so long to get back to you... I was too busy stalking you! Can you blame me? I mean you're a Supermodel and famous actress! I found your twitter page and blog from a guy that works with you. He told me about the "fugly" comment a few weeks ago and wanted to know my feelings on it. He also told me you went to community college, not college. Is he wrong? What college did you go to? If he gave me wrong info...I'm sorry! I brought this up in my last post, because you seem to want a well-educated man. BTW, I think this is how "appearance" is spelled. It's funny how you think I'm a coward for using "anonymous", but you don't seem to have a problem with it when someone says something that you think is "positive". I thought you had the right to not post a comment. Why did you post mine? So what, if your husband is bald? Don't you work on your hair? Don't you wear makeup? All these things make him look better and all these things make you look better. I didn't say you were any of these things. I just told you to ask yourself some questions. Just because someone knows you, does not mean they really "know you". People tend to hang with people that have the same personality and the same thoughts, especially women. Not everyone that reads this blog is going to kiss your butt. A college degree does not matter in radio because it's a business where intelligence and talent does not matter. Radio dj's don't want to admit that it's all about kissing ass, who you know, not rocking the boat and for a woman, how you look. I don't consider someone "successful", if they have to do this. Being able to speak and read the same thing over and over again, does not make someone "smart", just like having a degree does not make someone "smart".

Erin Austin said...

Well I'm glad you realize that just because someone has a degree doesn't necessarily mean they're "smart."

I find it interesting how some "coworker" is so concerned about my "fugly" comment on facebook from months ago or why you or he cares so much about my education level.

It's partially true that in radio it's about who you know however, I had no inside track on getting to work here at KILT. I sent a couple emails blindly and things went from there.

Sure, so looks play a part into things. Big Deal. The days of having big fat men behind the mic are over. To some radio is show business in a sense. So you want attractive people to represent your station or product...unless their schtick is to be "THE BIG FAT GUY." Of course there are still plenty of people in radio that aren't stick thin or pretty.

I do resent the comment that people in this business aren't talented. To you they may not be, but there are various degrees of talent. That's why if you're gifted musically then you go into that field or if you're good in math you become an engineer possibly. God gave everyone different talents. Just because you deem talking as a non-talent doesn't make it so.

I do have the right to not post comments, but I think if I post the positive I should also post the negative. However I do think it's very easy to pick someone apart when you don't have to show your face or name.

Do I think I'm the most pretty girl? HECK NO! Do I think I'm the smartest girl? HELL NO! And I don't think I'm the funniest or the most talented either. Heck, I know I'm not the sweetest person ever.

I do think that I'm a decent person, that's looking for someone decent as well.

I just took your last comment as "Well Erin, if you've never graduated from a 4 year college, don't volunteer 20 hours a week, aren't walking little old ladies across the street, then you can't be with anyone.

I'm not perfect, but sir or ma'am, whoever you are, neither are you. And as the saying goes...OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES...AND EVERYONE HAS ONE.

Thank you for yours.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Wait, did you actually GRADUATE from a community college? Taking classes at a community college doesn't mean you have a college degree.

Amen to Anonymous' insight.

Erin, I have to say and agree with others that have left comments, that you are SUPERFICIAL, HATEFUL, and TACTLESS!

While some find your unflitered comments refreshing, there are those (most likely educated and successful men that you would only hope to date) who find your nature offensive. You would be a disgrace in a professional or conservative social setting and many men see that.

So, when people suggest you select an equal mate, think of the above and consider what you have to offer. Botox and the gym can only do so much for a person.

You seem to forget to share EVERY aspect of your life on your radio show, in this blog, to co-workers, to "friends", to the person at the supermarket, so I find it hilarious when somebody points out flaws and you claim "you just don't know me" (as you have on many occassions). REALLY! Is there more depth than what you portray! I really am curious if you have this hidden personality and structure that you seem to keep hidden from the rest of the world?

Anonymous said...

Rowdy.....WHY DON'T YOU GROW A PAIR...and get a fricken HOBBY!!! I'm pretty sure you feel the need to rip Erin to shreds because you're the smallest big man I ever met in my life....
You're so depressed that you'll never find someone who loves you because you spend 90% of your life finding something wrong with others - Oh, and on top of that, you're much worse than the girls - because you're the person who gets off by spreading rumors, or passing info that was given to you in confidence. Shallow, shallow, sad man you are.

I've only met you once but you were drunk off your ass, trying to pick up women half your age. - great first impression - and now you've managed to leave a lasting one with the rest of the world. Good for you. Hope you're proud of yourself.


Erin Austin said...

Do I share EVERY aspect of my life??? NO! Because if I did I'd have a live feed of me in the bathroom!

And I don't share everything on the radio because 1. it can be inappropriate. 2. Some would say who cares 3. if you're my friend you know everything bacause I tell them.

Clearly, I'm never gonna win you over. You don't like me. You've made your mind up and that's fine. There's people I'm not huge fans either. Again, OPINIONS ARE LIKE ASSHOLES!

My question to you is...if you think I'm such a horrible person and clearly don't like me, why do you continue to read my blog, post comments, and also if you're a "friend" of mine on facebook why don't you just delete me?

Yet, you continue to spend your precious time reading what I have to say.

People I don't like I don't give them the time of day.

Maybe you should take your own advice, and use that time that you spend on your anger for me and DONATE it to charity! I think it's better suited there. And certainly more productive than what you're doing now.

Have a FABULOUS DAY!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but it seems like you didn't answer any of my questions. I think you are getting so mad at me, because I'm speaking the truth. Why don't you have a problem with any of the other "anonymous" people? Instead of saying, "I'm sorry for saying those things about the way people look", you're turning it around on me. He thought saying people were "fugly" was very mean and wanted to know if I thought the same thing. I did. I read your blog and told him I thought you sounded very ignorant and uneducated. That's how the subject of education came up. It just seems you contradict yourself. On one hand you talk about a woman with "bug eyes" and how people are "fugly", but then you say you don't care all about looks and that you are a decent person I'm confused!!! I didn't say that you don't deserve someone because you don't have a four-year degree, but it kind of comes across that you want all these things in a man that you don't have. Is that fair? Plus, you said you had a degree. People use, "I'm not perfect and neither are you", as an excuse. They know people aren't going to say, "yes, I am." That would seem too self-centered. I am praying for your therapist!!!

Anonymous said...


I hate to tell you this, but the one about the botox and gym is not me. I wrote the one he/she commented on and the one about how you don't answer my questions. I will go by "coward 1" and he/she can go by "coward 2". Is that okay?

I'M COWARD #1!!!!!

Erin Austin said...

I don't answer your questions about education because it's irrelevant.

For instance, my exhusband barely graduated high-school and never stepped a foot in a college class.(he might've gone back to school now) Yet, his new wife is a law school graduate. She's obviously very smart.

So what does that tell you? If we all married our perfect equal the world would be a very boring place.

And I'm spent.

Anonymous said...

Okay, first you tell me that having a college degree does not make you smart, but then you tell me his new wife is a law school graduate and is "obviously very smart." Isn't this a contradiction?

Coward #1

Erin Austin said...

I said I quote: Well I'm glad you realize that just because someone has a degree doesn't necessarily mean they're "smart."

Note the word necessarily.

And are you REALLY going to continue to split hairs over everything I say? I mean really!

This will be my last response to you. You can continue your "HATE SPREE" if you want and post comments. And I can post them but I'm really over you and this petty back and forth.

I will give you the honour of having the last word because I really don't care that much and it'll give you one more chance to prove to everyone reading what a pompous, narcissistic, and petty indivdual you are.

Marco said...

Wow!!! I'm amazed on how people seem to be so offended for sharing your own opinion, on your own subject of choice, and on your own BLOG!!! If you don't like it click out of it and get on with your life. The last time I noticed this was the U.S. of A. where you have the freedom of speech and the right to your own opinion. No I do not know Erin by any personal means so I'm not defending her. People it's one thing to share your opinion, but another to bash somebody when you don't even know somebody.
Thanks to the Hot Show who mentioned this topic I was intrigued on reading this Blog by choice, and now following the blog. It's my choice to do so and everybody has the choice to read it or ignore it. Does education matter on how people are? No it doesn't!!! I have 2 degrees, and it doesn't make me any better than any other person with or without a degree.
I do believe it does take a great deal of talent to be on the radio and have a succesful segment. If it didn't we have a lot more radio personalties on the air. You forget radio works off of ratings and if you not making it you get cut.
Erin, I commend you on your honesty, your openness, and being just you!!! Don't let the haters get you down. There will always be haters around to hate on what you do. Keep your head up and never stop being who you are!!!

Jessica said...

GO ERIN! To the anonymous person that keeps ranting and breaking down every single thing Erin says, I have 3 words for you...GIVE IT UP. Mr./Ms. Anonymous, as much as you don't want to admit it, you were the ugly kid in class that everyone made fun of. You were the last kid standing when everyone picked their Dodgeball team during PE - we only chose you because we had to. You were also the person that everyone hated because you had ZERO personality and acted like a know-it-all. It seems that some things never your sour, righteous, repulsive attitude. My advice to you? Take one for the team and walk away. We still make fun of you. We still think you're ugly and we still think you're a know-it-all. You're clearly a miserable soul and for that, well, I feel for you.

Michael said...

Re your blog, there are many generalizations you purport assuming that men and women are not being forthright about their intent. When either party shares that they have no desire for commitment or exclusivity, there is nothing that resets that m.o. until a candid convo where sentiment of an altered state is shared. Most issues between people, romantic or not, is the divergence of expectations. When we compromise ourselves we tend to exhibit this horrible victimization mentality that we have been maligned by the other. …where’s the ownership??

Re your gf and her bf, there is no context as to why he is a db just for breaking up with her. There are so many “maybes” as to why he may have elected to leave; some possible him/others her. Ultimately, though, he had the integrity and decency to break it off w/o cheating. His lack of communication to disclose his reasoning, while juvenile, is pretty on par for the communication inadequacies of most folks today; especially when trying to “avoid hurting someone.” Nonetheless, what he does after the relationship is his business and should not be up for critique. Just because he did not want to be with her does not make him a “loser.”

Re the burrito boy, I’m sorry to say it, but he wasn’t the one for you. No offense. Not everyone is a keeper and obviously you are lucky he was just one of the many that passed on by. Just because he wanted to date non-exclusively doesn’t make him a db. Now, if you allowed an intimate connection and ignored his intentions, shame on you, you enabled him.

Re the last chap, once again, unless those words are mutually uttered, “we are exclusively committed,” assume everyone is shopping around and that it’s a free market. It’s less than flattering, but today’s reality. Further, if a guy feels that he can have lewd communication with you, what are you doing to enable it? We are creatures of boundaries and while some disregard limits, most will push to get away with as much as we can. Re what you assume his behavior to be, be careful. Speculation is for fools…

Now let’s flip the scenario. I’ve known many women to do all the same things you’ve written about; sometimes their behaviors were even worse. Does that make them < enter some derogatory label here>? Probably not. It’s just a sad fact that people today are about instant gratification and for a myriad of reasons engage in flippant sexual contact. It’s a societal pandemic not an EA and her girl’s affliction.

(to be continued)

Michael said...

(the rest of the story)

You have so much energy to expose all this stuff which may be good for the naive, but what do you get out of it? Is it cathartic, tragic, or a red herring? Nonetheless it seems like great fodder for most to play some level of victimization. I know that we tend to all be judgmental as it’s an evolutionary response to steer clear of wasting resources. However, the golden rule is that we should not say things about others that are not nice. Why do you say pretty harsh comments about other folks and their appearances? When I was about 4, I apparently commented aloud to my mom that the lady behind me was scaring me because she was so ugly. The woman was so sweat and kind and responded that not everyone was as lucky as I was to be so handsome. As an adult I can only imagine that poor woman rushing out to the car and crying for a while. You’re a really great and loving gal, but those “slams” are pretty ugly and could devastate the observed if they heard it. You are somewhat of a local “celeb” of sorts and I feel should be a role model, not an elicitor of response. It’s a dual edge sword as people will judge you based on the lens that you paint others. (we truly are all guilty of this so I’m not “the pot calling the kettle black”) If any guy who has an interest in you sees how you comment on others (right or wrong), he may decide that you will be equally as crushing about him as well. Many times we have a hyper-tendency to be harshly critical when we want folks be distracted long enough so that they do not look at us long enough to see what we feel are flaws. Problem is that it might be distracting the guys who see the flaws and fall in love with you. …the guys who regardless of physical or material attributes, love you for you.

What I do like about your blog is that it allows people to begin discussing their thoughts. In regard to this infamous “anonymous” bloke, I can see where he is coming from in not putting his name out there. Perhaps it’s a concern because of his social or career position. Or perhaps it’s because this blog doesn’t always allow both sides to present their thoughts with objectivity. This guy has been heckled because he positioned some thought provoking rhetorical questions. I think that the entries have certainly progressed to be a bit more degrading on both sides, but perhaps you enabled that one. I would love to see your blog become a bit more of an open forum not so much about you, but about societal observations where you mediate.

Anyhow, as I look at myself I tend to ask the question, why is it that I’m not achieving all of my “goals”? Sometimes it’s a bit circumstantial, but I guarantee, whenever we wonder about why everyone else is the way they are, the answer really is intimately found within ourselves. Whether we have enabled them, chosen to compromise ourselves, or have disregard following our own true desires, we are always to blame.

Let the buck stop here and stop distracting ourselves from truly finding our happiness. Let’s refocus our energy not on ticking the boxes that we think society expects us to, but instead on where we are at our core. I guarantee, as with mastery of most things, satiation and happiness will be readily manifest once we have aligned our behaviors, wants, and spirit, with our actions.

Anonymous said...


I'm not hating on her. I'm calling her out on shit she has said. Her her blog is about hating on people! If you were really as smart as you think you are, you would realize that. The fact that you listen to HOT explains a lot. None of the CBS stations have good ratings, especially KILT. So your reasoning about ratings does not hold much weight.


I know you're not very smart so the only way you feel you can "get me" is to bash my looks, even though you have never met me. GO FOR IT! It just shows your lack of maturity and intelligence.I guess you were the slut in high school that thought she was hot shit because it took her an hour to get ready every morning. I bet your friends with Erin? Now, go and refresh that 10 pounds of makeup you HAVE to wear!


It's funny you call me a "narcissist" when you have a blog where all you do is talk about yourself! Btw, I think it's "honor".


Jessica said...

Oh, Anonymous, I'm sorry you can't handle the truth. You might want to re-think your friends, or the people you think are your friends. This is a small world and I would only be posting the truth, based on what YOUR friends have said. Suck it up and run back to your whore mother, or your whore girlfriend - because let's face it. You are just scarred because you weren't in the league of any of the girls you wanted. I can't even imagine how painful it must be to live your life knowing you are a worthless piece of shit. Accept the fact that you're a fat, unattractive fuck that has a hard time satisfying the ladies. As matter of fact, why don't you just kill yourself. It will make this world a much better place. :)

Jessica said...

Oh, and PS's YOU'RE not your...I can see you're a real genius.

"I bet your friends with Erin?"

Erin Austin said...

HAHA not hating my ass!

I have a feeling I might know who this is and I'm not surprised. Well maybe I am a little. I thought you were so happy with your life.

BTW Honour or honor (from the Latin word honos, honoris)

Anonymous said...


I thought you were going to let me have the last word? Here in America, it's "honor". "Honor" and "Honour" are two different things. It makes me happy that you took the time to google that, though. I don't know you, but if you need to think I do to make yourself feel so. I'm basing my observations on what I read. I think you have a very big ego and you and your friends need to believe that when someon tells you the truth and you don't like it, they are hating on you. It still seems you are not answering anything I throw back at you. I'm going to stop now because It's a waste of time. I would like to say, "I'm sorry" to your friend Jessica. It was wrong for me to stoop down to her level and call her a "slut." Not every man/woman that disagrees with you guys is a troll!


Great post!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my guy. Can you imagine this chick on a fucking date! "Look at that fat bitch over there! I'm prettier, right? RIGHT!?"

Shove something in Erin's mouth and take away her computer. She is embarrassing herself with every post!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this reminds me so much of my own recent douche bag experience. I have also worked in radio, and I should have known better, but I learned how radio DJ’s can be major douches!!! My guy, and I were “not dating” for about 5 months. I say “not dating” because even after that long he refused to put a label on it. He finally said “he’s not ready for a girlfriend” but yet, he likes me a lot and finds himself really connected to me, thinks his mom will like me ect……This whole “I don’t want a relationship” stuff is BS…..It’s just code for if I date you I can’t use the “I’m on the radio line” and F*@K other chicks on the side at the clubs. I’ve worked in radio for 10 years I should have learned not to trust the night time jocks, or the afternoon jocks. Those guys will perpetually be single. But, yet I thought this one was different. I can’t believe how much time & energy I have wasted on this guy!!! I’m finally ready to say I don’t want to waste the pretty. He will realize one day that he made a mistake, and maybe even come back for me. But until then, I’ll let him “sew his oats” have his fun. I’m done. I refuse to be just his friend, or possibly even his friend with benefits……..once his so called radio fame wears off, he will be a lonely lonely guy. ( And he doesn’t even have a big package to back up his big ego) ha ha

Erin Austin said...

To Anonymous that posted thi...

"Oh my guy. Can you imagine this chick on a fucking date! "Look at that fat bitch over there! I'm prettier, right? RIGHT!?" Shove something in Erin's mouth and take away her computer. She is embarrassing herself with every post!!!"

First of all, I would never say that on a date. Are you nuts??

The anonymous person that was critiquing everything i've said and stalking my facebook page, clearly took things that were intended as a joke and twisted to make me sound like some catty. evil, chick that heckles people.

I have to say I find it intersting that this one post has created such a shit storm and has turned into my BIGGEST and most popular blog of all time!!! over a 100 hits a day!

Keep it coming! :)

Pea Pods Porridge said...

You're more than welcome to kvetch to me anytime. That's what true friends are for!


Anonymous said...

wow! you sound a little jaded. I guess I can understand it, considering the experiences you've had, but seriously ... does it make you feel better to turn into a man basher? Maybe its you who attracts the douche bags...just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Well this sucks… I have to say I am the person you are talking about.

I was clueless that I was a douche bag

I thought I was a great guy and a great husband. I did wonderful things for the ones I care for. I always held a good job and gave my family and friends everything I could.

I was the guy you sent to for help or advice. I looked great on paper.

The problem was I was a lying douche bag. I cheated on my wife and thought is was OK because it was only sex.

I lied to my friends about things where the truth would have served me better.

I finally left my wife and even then I figured the problem was her (well a bit was) in reality it was me.

I looked good on the outside but was a liar douche on the inside.

I tell you what, realizing you are a jerk is a very hard thing to face and really changing is harder still.

I weep for woman today, as even the guys who look good turn out to be jerks.

All I can say is that if a guy will not be honest and realize that honesty is everying in a relationship you have to move one.

It’s hard to tell the truth, it’s hard to be open with your email, bank account, friends and heart.

But as a reformed ass I can tell you it’s the only way to live.

Good luck and great website