Thursday, April 14, 2011


I can't help it lately. I've been drinking some haterade! And it's not hate for just anything or anyone. It's for LOVE!! I'm in a mode where when I see people post on facebook how much they love their boyfriend...I want to barf! Or if I see someone on twitter talk about something romantic they did with their new lover...I want to stab myself in the eye!

I know that the Christian girl that I was raised to be should be happy for other people and their happiness. Although, it's really difficult sometimes. However, If you're one of my good friends of course I'm going to be happy for you. I may get slightly sad that I haven't found that yet, but I will totally still be happy for you because you're my friend and I want my friends to be happy. Like when my best friend in Milwaukee who's in the same boat as me(single as single can be), started dating a guy I was happy that she found a seemingly good guy. In the back of mind I thought about my dry spell that I've been going through and couldn't help wondering when my luck will change.

Now here's the thing, if I ever dated you and things didn't end well...then HELL NO am I going to be happy for you. If you were the guy that tried using me to get a piece...HELL NO! I'm not happy for you either. If you're my ex-husband...that's a BIG HELL NO! If you're that person that jumps from relationship to relationship, I'm not happy for you either. If you've never had your heart broken, ripped out, and then they did the mexician hat dance on it...NOPE I'm not happy for you!

I was talking with one of my friends about this couple that just got together. Apparently, after dating a couple of months they're already saying "I Love You." Now I wouldn't want to see either one of those people naked, but when I heard that I freaked out and did my "WTF?" dance. It looks a little something like this except sped up.

One of the things that my friends who are single talk about all the time is, "What the heck? These people can get a boyfriend or girlfriend and we can't find even a decent guy to entertain us on a regular basis?? What are we doing wrong? Are we doing anything right?" My usual response is, "Hey she may look like she has fish eyes, but she must have the cure to cancer."

Again, I know that I should be happy for them and realize that(fingers crossed) my turn is coming, but with every year that passes and I'm not any closer to even finding a boyfriend, it's harder for me to be happy for people that find love. Or at least love for the moment.

Now granted this song doesn't totally relate to the story because I've never had an ex call me to be happy for them, but if I did I know that I do my "WTF?" dance and think of this song.

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steve said...

I can see where you are coming from the guys that did that to you now you should not be happy for the. your friends of course you wil be happy for them:-). We all miss you so muchin Wisconsin come back please