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Ok...I'm not going to lie. When it's toward a certain time of the month I get a little more emotional and sometimes my lonliness kicks in a little. I was talking to a girl here a work about dating and who's together...you know girl stuff.

After our little talk, she sent me an article that her mother passed on to her. It's the 11 Things Every Girl Should Hold Out For. My comments are in ().

Written by Shallon Lester, Single-ish, Glamour Magazine.

Here it is:

I’m holding out for a guy with a sense of adventure as well as a big sense of humor. You’re going to need that to be with me.

Since I’m in between relationships at the moment, I’ve had some time to think about what I want and don’t want in a future partner. It helps, too, that I’ve had ample opportunity to observe all of my friends and their relationships. So I made a list of some must-haves we single ladies should be looking for. Well, not just looking for, but holding out for. Here’s what is non-negotiable:

1. A guy who can make you laugh.

Some things in life are not funny. Can he make you at least chuckle when the chips are down?

(I always want a funny guy but there are hard to find)

2. A guy who will laugh at your jokes and “get” you.

He might not understand you perfectly on the first date, but if you think you’re funny at all, I hope he gets that and appreciates it about you. Otherwise, you could be Kathy Griffin and you’ll still be laughing alone your whole life. Well, she's single. But I mean, if Kathy Griffin were—whatever!

(This is HUGE for me. I need a guy that can handle my vagina jokes and random bathroom humour. You'd think it wouldn't be hard but not many guys can handle my randomness)

3. A guy who will attend your lame “things.”

Adult dance recital, Mom’s birthday party? Find the guy who will go to something boring even though he will get nothing out of it—but he'll go for you.

(I like going to costco on the weekends)

4. A guy who will do nothing with you.

And I mean Nothing. If you’re feeling low-energy, anti-social, or blah, can he sit and do nothing with you or does he always leave you on the couch and go party with the guys? And could you two entertain each other on a deserted island or while stuck in traffic?

(I've always wanted a guy that would fall asleep with me on the couch)

5. A guy who will give you a thoughtful gift or card.

Not every time, obviously, but I would hope this dude would have his moments of showing you he has thought about you.

(This is the best when it's for no reason and when you hand write the entire thing)

6. A guy who will say he loves you.

I do not care about his made-up theory that love is just a social construct or what have you. Hold out for someone who can and will say it. Also, he shouldn’t say it just because you want him to; he should say it because it feels good to say it.

(Again it's great when it's unexpected and not just the way they end the conversation.)

7. A guy you respect.

Does he have a good head on his shoulders? Does he generally like his job? Is he proud of himself? Let’s hope so, ‘cause if you think he’s a lazy idiot, you’ll end up resenting him.

(I want to be proud of my man)

I asked some of my friends what they held out for, and this is what they told me….

8. A guy you have good chemistry with.

He doesn’t have to be Jude Law, but you should be attracted enough so that every time you have an argument, you will be motivated (by your underlying desire for him!) to work it out.

(This is a HUGE one for me again. After my failed marriage where the sex life was bleeeech, this is in my top 3!)

9. A guy who agrees with you about travel.

If you have wanderlust and he never wants to leave his hometown, don’t compromise by staying with him long-term and staying home. It’s fine to be a homebody, but if you're interested in exploring, find a guy with the travel bug. Otherwise, you’ll look back one day when you’re too old, tired, or broke and you'll wish you had seen the world.

(Absolutely! I love to travel and even though I do it alone it'd be nice once have a partner in my adventures.)

10. A guy with similar family goals.

Don’t compromise on whether or not you’ll have kids. If you want them, find a guy who does. Me, I don’t get serious with guys who say “maybe” they want kids. I want someone who feels as sure as I do—and I can't talk anyone in or out of anything.

(This is a tough one for me because it really depends on who I marry. I want to marry a guy that I can see being a great father and a great partner.)

And finally, the best one—of course, comes from my wise friend Melissa:

11. “Wait for someone who sees you the way you want to be seen.

He thinks you’re smart, funny, beautiful and powerful—always. Even on days when you can’t believe any of that about yourself.”
That’s a good one! Can’t wait for that.

(I'd love to find someone to love me on good days and bad. The pretty and the plain days)

What are you holding out for?

Here's a few I'm hoping to find although I'm wondering if it's possible.

A honest man that won't cheat. A guy actually puts you in the equation. A guy that likes me and there's no "but" that comes with it. Is this even attainable?

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DTreshman said...

You're 100% right! These are some wonderfully insightful and substantial character traits/values to look for in a partner. They may be really hard to find nowadays, but they do exist. Believe me. Besides, you strike me as a strong, smart, sexy, entertaining woman with a great and quirky sense of humor. You deserve someone who recognizes and cherishes every amazing thing about you. Oh, and I also agree the "travel-bug" thing is a must too! The Trevi Fountain or Castel Sant'Angelo may be spectacular, but they're even better if you have someone special to share them with.