Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm a girl that wears her heart on her sleeve. I tend to worry about things I shouldn't. Think about things too much and over think things too much. With that being said, I've had several people tell me recently that I need to develop a "F--- YOU!" attitude.

I've often taken this being "forever single" thing a little hard. Wondering if it's me. Wondering if there's something wrong with me. Wondering how and what do I need to do to fix myself if there indeed is something "broken." Hence, why I take things a little hard and over analyze.

I had someone recently send me a nice message about having confidence and self-esteem. 2 things I know I could work on. I think a lot of times since I'm out going and rambunctious that people think that I have a super fabulous self-esteem. When really, I probably use that as my defense mechanism. Crack jokes and act wacky so at least they're laughing at me in a different way.

One thing that this person touched on was basically a lot of things I worry about or get sensitive about, I shouldn't. For instance, when I get bothered that a guy doesn't respond back the way I wanted, it probably has nothing to do with me. Or why do I care what people think of me? Screw them. When I tend to let it bother me that they didn't text back and wonder if it's because of me.

I was talking to a girl I work with about something that bothered me and yes there was a guy that was the source. It probably seemed so small to her and most people, but it was something that hurt my feelings a little. After I get done venting and asking her what she thought about it, she told me a couple things that I needed to hear.

First, "The guy is a douche, and you need to stop thinking he's so great." She also told me that I need to think of 3 reasons why he's not so great. Second, She told me, "Erin you need to get a F--- YOU attitude and not let things bother you so much." That is something I've always needed to work on.

So how do you develop this "F--- YOU attitude?" How do you go from the girl that gets bothered if you don't respond back, to the girl that pulls a Mike "The Situation" and doesn't give a crap if they like this package or not. Screw you if you don't call me! Screw you if you don't want to date me! Screw you if you're lame!! Screw you if can't see that I'm STONE COLD ERIN FRICKIN' AUSTIN!!! God...that felt pretty good!


Anonymous said...

Good advice. If you can't change something. Change the way you react to it.

Joanna said...

Suggestion: Read Elizabeth Elliot's book Quest for Love.

Mat said...

Erin, Erin, Erin...what to do with you, for you. You know blokes love to fix things & reading your blogs makes me wanna jump right in & save the day, well at least try- but don't worry that one's been learnt, so there's no going there!
So, how about leaving the "F#@* YOU" attitude sitting on the kitchen sink, put a smile on (make up is certainly optional!), meet me for some good tucker, great wine (yeah for bubbles!), refreshing conversation & we'll even catch Zac Brown band...if you haven't already OD'd on rodeo!

I see you moderate comments so I'll leave it to you to come up with an ingenious way to let me know:)

Have a sensational day!


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