Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Now follow me on this topic because I may go in a couple of directions.
First direction: Does every good looking guy know that they're good looking? And does every guy think they are good looking?

The male ego is a funny thing. Most men I think have a very high self esteem. I can only think of a couple men where they're either self-conscious or lack confidence. Where as a woman, we tend to always either be self-conscious or have a low self esteem in some way, shape, or form. Sure, there are women that think they're hot and their shiz doesn't stink, but most of the time they lack confidence somewhere.

I bet if you were to ask most guys how they rate themselves on a scale of 1-10 they would rate themselves closer to 10. Where if you were to ask most women they'd probably rate themselves lower and then pick out what they don't like about themselves.

For instance, say there's a good looking guy like Ryan Reynolds. Does he ever sit at home and look in the mirror and think that he's ugly? PROBABLY NOT! However, if he did...I'd love to know.

Now when it comes to women, I can think of so many girls that pick themselves apart. When these girls are pretty girls. Yet for some reason...and I know I'm guilty of this, we look ourselves over with a fine tooth comb and down play our attributes.

For instance, I know I don't look like the back end of a horse however, I also don't classify myself as a 10. Maybe on a good day I'd say I'm a 7-8. I just think that a guy that's a 8-10 knows it and has no self esteem issues whatsoever.

I was just thinking of the good looking guys that I've come across and all of them seem to outwardly KNOW that they're good looking. Almost like they know that they could get any chick they want.

Now, let's talk about the guys that are average looking. A lot of these guys tend to think they're pretty hot stuff as well. For example....

This guy sent me an email on MATCH.com a year or so ago and he posted this picture on his profile. Obviously he thought he was pretty hot stuff standing there in his underwear.

Now I give him snaps for not caring what people may think, but really??? Did he honestly think this was attractive?

I guess the moral of the story is I know a lot of pretty girls that don't think so highly of themselves but, I sometimes wonder if every guy "thinks" they're hot and the guys that are pretty hot...know it.

Do guys ever lack self confidence?


Anonymous said...

Naturally good-looking men usually don't think they are hot. Average looking men usually think they are a lot better than they really are and usually put a lot more emphasis on what a women "appears" to look like. Do you think that maybe the reason why certain "pretty" women don't think they are all that, because they don't wake up looking pretty? For some reason, women think when they see another "pretty" girl that she really looks like that, even though they know what having the right hair cut, color and makeup can do for our looks. What number do you think you are naturally? I think I'm about a 7.

Erin Austin said...

I guess I think of myself as a 7. There are times where I'd rank myself a little better but most of the time i just think I'm better than average.

We all have our moments

Erin Austin said...

I do however think that guys that are really good looking know it.

I can think of a couple of guys.

One who if I remember correctly after we made out he went and looked at himself in the mirror and said he looks pretty good for his age!!!

Anonymous said...

Erin, I was ready to write a comment on what you blogged about but now I have to write about your comment.

Are you saying that you honestly made out with a guy that was so self centered he complimented himself afterward.

Why were you making out with him? Were you on drugs? That kind of conceit isn't easily hid. There had to be a little clue prior to this that this guy was on the 'bad idea to date' list.

Sorry girl, love ya, but I can see where your guy troubles stem from.

Erin Austin said...

Well I didn't really see that ego prior to the makeout session. However, I shouldv'e assumed that he might've been taht way. Don't ask.

And no, I wasn't on drugs...but a cocktail might've been had! Does that count?

And Yes I agree with you on the guy problems. I'm exhausted.

Damien said...

I definitely see your point, and I think that genuinely "good-looking" guys think/act like they're really good looking because they become accustomed to the constant reinforcement of their physical appeal which can unfortunately create a lot of egotism. Honestly, I think it all depends on whether or not a guy views his outward appearance with gratitude or entitlement. It's no secret that "good" looks are not only culturally subjective, but can also be a transitory gift like intelligence or artistic talent. A lot of guys also tend to cling desperately to their supposedly "good" looks like a monkey swinging on a vine over a pool of piranhas because they lack depth in other aspects of their personality. As exhibit A, I give you the cast of "Jersey Shore".

Anonymous said...

I kinda thought a cocktail or two might've been involved.

Nate said...

How about a different way to determine whether or not someone is attractive? Imagine if you were blind, how would you tell or could you tell? These are little musings I think about in the back of my head...yeah i'm weird like that :)

Anonymous said...

There is no worse turn off about guy's attitute who thinks he's "all that"

I have passed on a lot of "good looking" men because of it, and at the same time have dated guys who aren't quite the model type, yet they carried themselves normally.

Sometimes I feel like going to them and be like "Dude, seriously... that Affliction shirt and squished lips don't do you any good" haha

Where are the hot guys who don't know they are hot? ;)

dumbgoodlookingguy said...

I am 31 and just realized im hot or good looking about 6 months ago. Now that I know, so many things that happen to me in the past are starting to make sence. I guess the final dagar that made me believe finally is this women out of no where came up to me and said you are a really good looking guy, you should be on TV or something. This good looking thing is making me uncomfortable, I feel uneasy at times cause now I know why people look at me. My whole life I wonderd why things are so easy for me and why so many ppl hate me at the same time. for the past six months I been replaying memories of things that just happen and never understood why, such as guys telling me not to talk to there girlfriends, someones mom popping in the bathroom and trying to do stuff. The list is long and I still have more memories to understand. One time a girl said I want you to meet my mom.. I said ok but thought it was a little soon but said ok. After I met the mom the girl told me her mom said I was a keeper. I laughed and thought. She doesnt know me, why would I b a keeper. So it turns out it was my looks.

yusuf zulfi said...

everyone in the world thinks they are goodlooking . period. LOL. We tend to think ourselves as better looking and special than others because we are in our own skin 24/7. Familiarity = Attractiveness. This is why others always rate highly of themselves when they are normal looking / average.