Monday, February 14, 2011


This is a a day that most single people hate! It's not my favourite day, but I don't hate it per say. I just know that for the last 4 Valentine's days I hung out with the girls or did my own thing.

Yesterday was a big big day!! Our sister station HOT 95.7 and The HOT Morning Show asked me if I'd be a part of their 1st annual "Shot Through The Heart" Valentine's video. I was soo excited. I'd never shot a gun before!!! This was a chance for me to get rid of some things in my past and let some aggression out.

I met everyone at the gun range with my marriage license, wedding photos and a card that my ex husband gave me that talked about he wanted to make things work. HAHAHA

Now there are times when I come across as a little bitter. And maybe there is a part of me that is, but most of the time I do for comedic effect. Sure, there are things that happened in that relationship that still have me scarred. I'm working on that and trying to not let that bother me in future relationships.

Here's the final video! What's great about this is that my ex husband soooo anti-gun and here I am shooting up the memories!!! AWESOME!!!

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Lauren Parker said...

Hope you had a good one dear!