Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The other day I had a thought. Coincidentally I had it the other morning while I was taking a tinkle. Ya I know, too much information, but I'm open and that's where I was. I sat there thinking about how I turn 33 this week and I remember why there's a significance about my birthday this year.

Five years ago when I just started dating Mr. Dallas (Wow that was about 5 years ago...crazy)I remember we were having one of those early on in dating getting to know each other conversations. Unlike a LOT of men I meet, Mr. Dallas was very good at asking questions. Out of the blue he asked me a semi interview question. "Erin, where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

Kind of surprised I said, "What do you mean?" He then said, "well do you see yourself married or single? Do you have kids? Do you see yourself with a house on the lake?" I didn't know how to respond.

I said, "Well I'll be 33 in 5 years. Honestly I don't know. I can see myself married but then again I can see myself single. Really, I haven't put much thought into it. I kind of just take life as it comes."

Well 5 years later is NOW! And as I sat there thinking of that 5 year mark I thought, Where am I and what have I accomplished 5 years later?

We know one thing is certain...I AM SINGLE! So, no surprise there. I have moved on to bigger opportunities career wise. Although my back account is lacking significantly. I've gained some great friends along the way. I still have no debt. That's good. I have my health still.

One thing is, and maybe I'm just being hard on myself and incredibly self critical, but I feel like I haven't done as much as I'd hoped. Granted, I never really thought about it, but I guess you just think that things will be so much better in 5 years.

Deep down I would've loved to be in a relationship in that amount of time. But I'm not and not really even close. I wasn't sure about the kids and I'm still not sure. I figure it depends on who I marry and what WE decide vs. what I decide.

I wish I would have my place that I own or co-own. That's not the case. I also would've thought I'd make more money in 5 years and have a little nest egg so to speak. Again, not the case.

One thing I will say is in that 5 years I've gone on 3 vacations in Europe by myself. France, Italy, and England. Paid for by myself. That is something that I didn't picture myself doing, but I'm glad I did.

So where do I see myself in the next 5 years? Let's not discuss my age then. But I do hope that in the next 5 years I meet someone that loves me unconditionally. I hope that I am even further along in my career with a TV show or maybe even an author. God knows I've had some interesting stories along the way. I hope that I have a great place to live that I can say is MINE or OURS!

I hope and pray. In fact, I'm going to visualize it.


Anonymous said...

33 was and still is the best year of my life! I stopped thinking so much about why things are and aren't and simply did things to grow as a person. I learned more about my local government (and joined groups to make a difference), I went to church, I crossed things off my bucket list. Stop doing the girl contemplation about everything thing - and stop asking everyone else's opinion. I used to do this. Many of my friends continuously question everything. You're just wasting time that you can learn about yourself and your surroundings. It'll drive ya crazy. Don't think about the things that may or may not be. Think about the things that will make this place a better place for everyone. Everything else will fall in place from there. Happy doesn't find you. It's a conscious choice. Just live, be the best person you can be, put other's before you and you will be happy! Happy 33!!!

steven said...

i truley believe that you will achieve what you want in your 5 years for as what i want is to get a done with college and get a good job so i got that to look forward to all you can do is look forward and things will eventually fall in to place

Anonymous said...

As soon as Mr Dallas asked you that question you should've dumped him (or at least got a feel that this guy wasn't a good choice).

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you followed the show but Chris Lambton is 33 and single!