Monday, April 19, 2010


So over the weekend in Vegas I discovered something about myself. I can flirt with little old men but when it comes to talking to a guy my own age I calm up.

I was at the airport and saw this attractive guy. He gets in taxi line behind with his buddy. So I'm told to go to taxi stand #1. They're told to go to #2. I soon realize that I'm at the wrong numbered stand and I turn to him and say "Sorry I can't count." Really? That's the best line I could come up with?

Then I hop on an elevator at the hotel. A little old man wearing a Loony Tunes shirt hops on with all of his bags. It's 9 pm and I thought it was a little late for checkout. So I say, "Did you decide you've had enough of Vegas already?" He starts a conversation about how he was leaving because he needed to go do a magic show.

I got off the elevator realizing that I have no problem talking to a lil old man but I get all sorts of nervous when it comes to striking up a conversation with a guy my own age.

Now after my big weekend in Vegas I get back to Houston and notice an attractive guy at the airport. There was some eye contact made. Now, there was a guy on my flight that was trying to talk to me but I wasn't really interested.

So I leave and the guy I saw is behind me. Well, I see that he's standing there by myself and I decide you know what...just go and introduce yourself. So even though I looked like death warmed over from getting 3 hours of sleep. I took a deep breath and decided to go over to him.

We talked for a few minutes and he got my number...which he actually asked for. I just didn't say "Hey take my number." So I guess I didn't make a total idiot out of myself. Now...will he actually call is the question.

Hey, at least I'm proud of myself for going out on a limb and do something out of my comfort zone.


Anonymous said...

So you can talk to older guys but not guys your own age? I'm here to help you Erin. Here's what you need to do...Go to lunch with a guy you recently met who is older than you. Get to know him before judging him as "too old." You never know what could happen!

Anonymous said...

I can talk to ANY guy that I'm not interested in about anything. Yet, my tongue gets twisted and I become shy in my nutshell as soon as I meet someone I really like.

I sabotage myself because the guy I'm not interested thinks I like him so he ends up persuing while the other one I'm really into probably thinks I'm not interested so he moves on.

Screwed up.