Saturday, January 30, 2010


A couple of months ago I talked to an ex boyfriend of mine. I had recently gone on a few horrific 1st dates. I mean simply horrible. I knew that he had been on for awhile so I wanted to compare notes of what kind of girls he was finding. I just needed to know that I wasn't the only person having a hard time finding someone.

You see, ever since he and I broke up I've only dated guys for a month or two a piece. Sometimes, when I get frustrated with it all I wonder to myself..."Is it ME?"

During our conversation I discovered he didn't have much more luck than I did. Although, he has dated someone for at least 6 months where that hasn't been the case for me. Obviously.

One thing I noticed is that a couple of the girls he dated had some SERIOUS issues!! Like eating disorder serious. In fact, he dated 2 different girls after me with eating disorders. And, he dated at least 1 girl before me with one too.

I don't know how he seems to attract girls with eating issues and why he continues to date them. Maybe he likes to be the hero and try to fix them. Not sure. And this guy is extremely picky. AND...I'm sure these girls are great girls otherwise. And I mean that. I'm not being a snot.

Now, let me just say. I don't have an eating disorder of any kind. I LOVE FOOD! In fact, there's not a type of food I won't eat. The only thing I won't eat is peanuts and maybe some weird sushi thing like octopus.

I have a saying that "I tend not to eat things with eyelashes." Meaning, no steak or pork. Although, I will eat those things sometimes. If I go to Ruths' Chris Steakhouse...I'm gonna eat a steak! Oh! And no babies! I don't eat babies. Meaning, NO lamb or veal.

OK back to the story. After I got done talking to him about these girls and their ailments, it got me thinking. Really, you'd rather date girls like that then a girl like me? I even said to him, "No offense, but I think I'm the most normal girl you've ever dated." To which he replied, "You know...I think you're right!"

It just got me kind of bummed. I was bummed because I think I'm a pretty cool chick. I'm not a whiner. I don't expect guys to give me everything. I'll eat anything. I'm not materialistic. I'm not spoiled. I'm not completely needy. Although, I do expect you to treat me well. Yet, these girls, that have these serious issues are getting guys. WTF?

Should I start having an eating disorder so I can get a boyfriend? Do I need to be a materialistic biatch to have a guy call? I'm mean REALLY people! Now, of course I'm kidding! It's just all a little ridiculous.


materielgrrl said...

I don't think it's the eating disorder thing. I think these guys looking for "thin" women will likely wind up with a few women with eating disorders. Not saying all thin women have this disorder but I think there are quite a few out there trying to keep up with men's expectations of what they think they want from an internet dating site.

I've stopped dieting, it turned me into a miserable biotch. Great for you naturally skinny gals, but I imagine there are some miserable women out there dieting just so they are more attractive to the men out here "looking". I also think men want some drama as it equates to excitement from women, rather than some dull consistent chick. Add in the eating disorder issue and bam! a formula for dating excitement. Like women who date bad boys

Erin Austin said...


Nicely put! For the guy I'm referring too in this blog, Every girl I've known he to be with is thin...and a lot of them are runners! Which usually means really thin!

I'm slender but I got some meat! (butt and thighs) I'm no stick figure.

And I agree dieting makes you turn into a crazy person. And we usually do it to impress other people and not do it for ourselves.

And Amen on the drama!!! I know so many guys that said, "I don't do drama." Yet, were so dramatic! Maybe that's a blog.

Again the guy in this blog...not necessarily dramatic but, I felt sometimes like since I had no problems to fix(i.e. eating disorder or family probs) then I was boring.

Thanks for you gave me an idea for a blog.

Anonymous said...

The guy I was dating ended up getting back with his ex because she was needy, self obbsessed, materialistic and annoying. They had drama all along. He broke up wiht her 6 months ago, and at the end got back together with her because he simply didn't know how to get rid of her.
Back then I really thought I liked the guy, but now I'm thinking Thank YOU God for not working out with this guy.

If guys keep saying they don't like drama and needy girls, then why do they put up with their girlfriends who are just that?