Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Every once in awhile I'll have someone tell me that I look like Amy Poehler. You know from SNL! She also was Andy Richter’s little sister Stacy on Conan O'Brien's show.

Every time someone says I look or act like her I think in way its compliment and then...in a way I don't. It's not like Amy Poehler is the hottest chick. Can't some say I look like a hot chick? Then again, I do think it is a compliment because she is rather funny.

Today my friend "Rachel" told me that I really do look like her. To which I replied, "Thanks. A lot guys don't like funny girls...they just think they're funny."

After I said that I started thinking. Have you ever heard a guy talk about the reasons why he likes a girl and he starts off with "I love that she's funny."? I don't think I have. They always seem start with She's so sweet or she's hot. It's never, "Oh she has the best personality" or "She is so funny, she makes me laugh." Or maybe the guys I hear like surface stuff.

I know girls love a guy that makes them laugh. I know I do. How do you think Will Ferrell got married? Although, I haven't dated a lot of guys that made me laugh a lot. I guess I should expect that if I date a guy that is a scientist or something.

I've been on Match.com for some time now. Honestly, maybe a little too long. But in the time I've been on there, I don't ever remember seeing in the description of what a guy wants in a girl, him ever using the word FUNNY. Never have I seen a guy say "I want a girl that can make me laugh."

Why is that?

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