Thursday, November 19, 2009


I love it when people read my blog, write a comment and give me a judgemental smack down as if they know all and are so much smarter.

I love it when people think that they could live your life better for you.

I love it when people that you've never met, act as though they know everything about you and how you REALLY ARE!

I know that sometimes I think I have things figured out but, I admit I have a lot to learn. It's a day by day, step by step process. You try things out and if doesn't work try something else.

I love that people read an entry or two of mine on this blog and come to the conclusion of what I'm like everyday of my life. Like they know all my thoughts and what makes me tick.

One thing to know about this's a place that I go to if I have a thought. Sometimes the thoughts are somewhat the same. Does that mean I'm obsessed? No, it means that I think a lot. I'm a very open and communicative person.

I am complex just like everyone don't sit here and think that you have me figured out...because you don't especially if you've never even talked or meet with me.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!! DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT POST ON MY BLOG ANONYMOUSLY!!! I find it to be cowardly an frankly if you can't make up a name to post then you're dumb because you can't even think of SOMETHING! I mean really??? I only post them to be fair...but when you sit behind NO name...and chastise me...then you are lame!

So do me a favour...if you don't agree with what I have to say that day...come up with at least a fake name to post with.

I know I open myself up for criticism and that's fine but remember, I have feelings too and when you are degrading, rude, cruel, and judgemental a real person is the one you're doing that too.

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Kim- Milwaukee said...

You're completely right. You know the people who are judging you are angry people who think find happiness in bringing others down.

I love your posts - they are thoughts that a lot of women have, and I always enjoy reading your view!

I think you're an awesome, strong, and beautiful women - obviously much better than people who try and bring you down. :)