Saturday, October 31, 2009


I know this is a weird anaology but men are like shoes. I suppose guys can think of women as shoes too...but for the sake of this's men!

Ever since the break up of "Mr. Dallas" and I, I've had a hard time in the dating area. It seems like the record for dating someone is 3 months. Pretty pathetic right? I'm getting to a point where I'm tired of trying on shoes all the time. I like to see if I wear a pair for awhile.

Today I got a lonely feeling because I miss my girlfriends and being able to hang out with them but, also since my latest attempt at dating didn't work, I'm feeling helpless.

In Milwaukee I had a hard time meeting "new" people. Remember how much I ran into the ex-boyfriend? Yikes! Now I live in a city of 4 million people and I wonder how am I ever going to narrow that down.

Considering I'm new, don't know a lot of people, where am I going to meet someone? I've been doing the online thing for nearly 2 years and you know how that's been going for me. I'd like to meet someone the old fashioned way but i never get approached. And the times I do get approached it's by really gross obnoxious guys who act as though they want to just hook up. EWW!

I know girls love to show shop. Although at some point we find a pair we like and we take them home and wear them all the time. I feel like I'm trying shoes on....getting them home...wearing them for a bit and then they give me blisters so I get rid of them.

Please God...where is my pair of shiny pretty shoes that last forever without hurting when I wear them?


Anonymous said...

I love the analogy. I guess that's exactly what dating is. It's trying to figure out what fits.

One last thing. There are ways to get the guys to approach you.

damo said...

God will give you the right,comfort, and lasting shoes for you. Please be patient young lady.

damo said...

It will come from the east, the good,the comfort, and the lasting one.

Anonymous said...

Lots of us are in the same shoes.