Friday, November 27, 2009


Since moving here to Houston I've been finding it hard to make friends. I met a girl right when I got here that I thought might be cool but, it was so hard to connect. She either flaked or would ask me to do something at the last minute and expect me to ditch my work friends...or so it seemed. Like I said, it was hard to connect with her so it could've been a big misunderstanding.

When I moved to Milwaukee I lucked out in the friends department. I had landlord that was my age and she was so great about inviting me places. Then I met my friend "Reba". She actually called the morning show and told my co-host to have me call her. I thought at first, "This is weird." But then I thought about it more and figured "What the Hell!"

Then I met another one of my best friends at work. I worked at a station with a TV station in the building. There was this girl that worked the same shift as me and I would see her reporting out in the middle of nowhere all the time. So one day I went up to her and made a comment about how I feel bad they always stick her out in the boonies! Some how it came up that we're both single and I mentioned that I have no life. She invited me out with some other girls that I didn't know from work. We all talked and things clicked from there. Through her I met another one of my good friends.

It was so easy. It just seemed to fall into place. We all liked the same stuff and it was easy for me to hang out with my friend "Melinda" because we had the same schedule. We worked out together, went grocery shopping together, made dinner together sometimes. It was great!! I miss that.

Now, I'm in a new city where I don't know a ton of people yet. My job has been keeping me busy so I can't too lonely but, I'm starting get worried about when am I going to get some good girlfriends.

I've meet girls and they're fine. I just don't have a crew! Ya know? Like my Sex and the City crew Houston style. The crew of girls that you call up and grab a happy hour with. It could even be last minute. I need to find my girls that are there, and they get it!

I need to find some girls that like going to a wine bar, or grabbing sushi at happy hour so we can save money, or a girl willing to try a nice restaurant with me just because we want to try it.

Finding good girlfriends is really like finding a boyfriend. It's tough. Sure there's lots of great people out there...but it doesn't mean they're all a fit for you. Then again, I've had some bad 1st date experiences and maybe those guys are not a fit for anyone. TRUST ME WHEN I SAY I'VE MET SOME FREAKS!! My friends know about that experience! HELLO AMERICA'S MOST WANTED!!

Seriously, I know I was really lucky to have found the group of friends that I did. All layer of them. the close ones, the semi close ones. all of them. In the 2 short years I lived there I met great girlfriends...I just hope that it will happen here too. The boyfriend thing...well...God will figure that out!


Matt F said...

Milwaukee misses Erin Austin and fun stories about herself. I know you will succeed in whatever you do. Best wishes to you.

John Earle said...

Ms. Erin,

Welcome to the Houston area.

I know little about finding girlfriends to hang out with. My only comment would be that all of the good churches have young singles groups that have many activities. I would encourage you to look for friends where your heart is.

I especially appreciated your comment about God taking care of the boyfriend issue. That my dear is exactly the right attitude. My wife tells me that once she finally figured out she could not pick a good man, she gave it all to God. The next week we met. Honestly, I had no idea that I had no part in any of this. Well, not until she educated me. God has blessed us with a 15 year long honeymoon so I don't think I will be complaining. I pray you will ask for a similar blessing in your life.

Be blessed,