Monday, October 19, 2009


Have you ever seen the Saturday Night Live skit "Weekend Update" with Amy Poehler and Seth Myers? The bit where they say REALLY? to things that happen? Let me say that they are spot on with some of the stuff they go off about. There has been a couple things where have had me saying "Really? I'm mean Seriously!"

The first is a doozie!!

When people sign up for their wedding registry at TIFFANY and CO.!!!! REALLY? How tacky is that? How materialistic are you that you expect your wedding guests to shell out $400 for a setting of silverware? REALLY? Do you think that people give a crap about your wedding that much to spend that kind of money on YOU? WOW! Your groom is either is a complete sucker...or has turned into the person he once hated!

How pathetic...people who register at TIFFANY for their wedding gifts are either 1. EXTREMELY WEALTHY...which is not the case or 2. TRYING TOO HARD! Which is totally the case! It's like the girl that has to have Louie Vuitton purse. She just wants everyone to think she has money. Or the person that shows up to charity look like they care, when they're really just there for the photo op. Please don't pretend you care about the poor!

I just hope your husband to be is smart enough to have some money socked away in an off shore account so when you divorce him, he's at least left with something. Then again....he knows everything. He's a big boy he'll figure it out...soon enough.

And while we're on this money tangent...How about the woman that HAS TO buy Jimmy Choo's at the very least. I know of a woman that makes a decent living for herself working for a regular America retailer. One that is from coast to coast and is 100% middle class. There is nothing in that store that is expensive. I'm mean they sell Candies clothing for Pete's sake. This woman goes on trips overseas for work and will call her (too scared to get out) husband saying she wants to get a Gucci Python skin purse that costs $5000!!! REALLY? I MEAN REALLY! I can think of a million things that I'd rather spend $5000 on!!! A trip, pay off part of my car, invest, use for a down payment on a house, a new nose. Seriously? A PURSE!!! You're lame!! Again someone that is trying way too hard and is COMPLETELY OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY!!!

Best part of that story is...when her husband bought shoes for himself from that very store that they work for...she told him that she wouldn't be seen with him!! She sounds like a treasure. And to think...she has a husband!! What is it with these high maintenance women??? REALLY!!!

OK that's all I have at the moment but I have a feeling that this will be a recurring be on the look out!


Anonymous said...

umm i think you are being a little hypocritical... i’m from WI and i remember seeing pics of you wearing a Burberry scarf and big designer sunglasses....

Erin Austin said...

UMMM! Try a Burberry scarf that I bought for $59.99 at an outlet and sunglasses that I bought at costco for $80...BIG difference!!!


A $60 scarf and glasses that cost $80 are a far cry from purses of $5000 and place settings of $400!!