Thursday, July 23, 2009


Sexie and I are hitting the road

So after over 6 months of looking I finally found a new job. This is great opportunity for me and I'm really excited yet, nervous at the same time. I mean, this a big new chapter in my life and I nervous to see what God has in store for.

For months and months I looked at the Internet everyday for hours. Scouring website after website looking for info on jobs and even if I should make a career change. I would get mini bites here and there but nothing really concrete.

I applied and sent my website to a tone of people. One day I got a bite about in job in Vegas. Now, the city I would love to live in but, the job seemed a little disorganized. I didn't get the job, some other girl who was really out of work got the gig. Which was fine

Then I started thinking about our life coach Melissa Maleug told me once when I was really wanting to find a guy. She told me to write down all the things that I want in a guy. They had to be all positive. Even though I haven't found him yet, I decided to do the same with me next job.

So I wrote down all the things I would want if I could hand pick my job. I wanted to live in a state with no income tax, I wanted a state that was warm. I wanted to live in a bigger city. I wanted work for a great station and I wanted to work for good and solid company. And I wanted good managers.

So I started sending off my stuff to stations in Texas and got a bite. I was shocked. They didn't even have a real opening...just an idea of a change they wanted to make. After several phone calls I went down for a visit. Met everyone at the station and seemed to hit it off with people. Then I was asked to make another visit. Before you know it...they're offering me a job to be on the morning show!!

Now, not everything is finalized. I haven't officially signed any papers or officially signed any papers to leave here. But, it's pretty much a go on all ends. I'm just waiting for things on the Milwaukee end to become official.

Granted, I won't be making as much as I do like 25%...but I think it's an opportunity that has more to offer me in the long run.

So I'll be working at KILT 100.3. It's a country station...and yes I DO like Country!! And I'll still do my blog down there.

I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in Houston. Will I find great friends? Will I find a great guy? I guess only time will tell. In the mean time I just wait for all the paperwork to be finished so I can start this new chapter.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Journal Communications will offer you more money and make you serve out the length of your existing contract. I hear that advertisers really like your voice overs and that the the Journal Broadcast Group does not want you to leave.

Anonymous said...

Just the kind of environment and climate I want to move to. Average temperature during the Summer exceed 100 degrees, with high dew points and the traffic in Houston puts Chicago to shame plus the cost of living in Houston is 2-3 times higher which negates the 0 state income tax. You may want to review your facts one more time before leaving beautiful Milwaukee, WI.

Erin Austin said...

I don't think they would want to keep me. They need to pinch as many pennies as they can.

As far as COL in Houstin being 2-3 times NOT true. I plugged in my salary and I could make 12.5% less and still have the same lifestyle...although I'll be making at least 25% less.

Traffic...I'm not worried...I'll work on off peak hours and close to work.

Heat...That's why you get a pool and a slip and slide.

Anonymous...I know you love Milwaukee...but maybe you should be happy for me because I found a job and it's something I love doing...not sitting round wasting my talent, waiting for commercials to read.

Sarah W (Houston) said...

25% less doesn't mean much cuz the cost of living down here is lower than every other major city. You'll be fine.

Congrats on the new gig!!

Erin Austin said...


I'm sure I'll be fine. It was a shock at first but I'll make it happen.


I'm ready for a change.