Friday, June 12, 2009


Well let's stat off with GOOD! My interview went well. Now going down there and coming back got all screwed up but, while was there things went really well.

One thing that I always knew but was reaffirmed while I was there was how small our business is. The guy that I was interviewing with interviewed my ex-husband just recently. Funny thing is, when he came across my stuff he had no idea that we were once married. Then once we get to the station I meet the guy that got the job instead of my ex, who happened to be the Program Director of the competition of my ex while we lived in Portland. That same guy was born and raised in Waukesha!!

Also wheile at the station I met the consultant of the station who I've heard about for years. When I introduced myself he immediately asked me "You worked in St. Louis right?" Apparently he remembered me on the air there and thought I was pretty good. I was floored. Not only sis he know who I was but thought that I was good too.

I then met the GM. And he knew my Gm from when I lived in Austin, TX...who I loved. My Gm in Austin was named Dusty. Dusty was the nicest GM I've ever worked for. He had candy on his desk, he was so easy to talk to and not intimadating at all.He'd shout the S#!^ with you in his office. He's just one of the warmest people I've ever encountered in this business. Too bad he's not in it anymore and there's not more people like him.

Overall, all of the people I met were really nice. Not to mention, I can tell I'd like living there. There's so much to do and the area that the station is in seems to be an area where there might be some people around my age. OH! And the weather!! Hello! It might get too hot sometimes but I'd rather see sun and hot temps than clouds and cold temps.

So moral of the story, I looks like I'll be going down there again in about a week to do a try-out. So hopefully it all works out. Hopefully I do well, and if they offer me the job, they pay me enough to live and maybe even buy a little something for a condo. That's another benifit...Houses and condo's are WAY cheaper there.

So, I'll continue to think positive and pray that I have this in the bag.


Anonymous said...

whenever I have an interview I always pray that I'll get the job only if it's meant to be. There were some jobs that I thought I might like but didn't get & later found out how horrible the job would have been. So I'll wish the same to you.

Also, sometimes I don't see a comment button. I think with the increased ads it might be covered up.

Erin Austin said...


I know there was ajob I was up for in Austin and they hired some other girl. At the time I was little bummed but the more I thought about it I was ok...because the people I would have worked with came in and did the bare minimum. I might've fallen into that.

And not only that but that girl ended up getting fired...but I think that was cuz she was a mess.

You may be right about the comment thing...I feel like it's hiddin till you wave your mouse over it.