Monday, June 8, 2009


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to act like a guy? What would it be like to be afraid of commitment and use that as an excuse to remain single and not be attached to just one guy? Or how about not returning phone calls back because you need your "alone time?" What would it be like to play the game?

I know a guy...wait I know A LOT of guys that could be considered shady. Let's start with the one that comes to mind first. This guy uses the excuse that he's screwed up in the head so that he doesn't necessarily have to commit. In fact, this guy is so smooth that he had one girl out of town that he dated and continued to bone chicks here in Milwaukee. ON A REGULAR BASIS...God knows what/who else when he was out of town with the boys!!!

Now, I don't think I could pull off such an act but, now that it's very apparent Milwaukee will not be my home for much longer as well as my decision not to date anyone seriously, I've wondered can I act like a guy?

You know how guys seem to have the revolving door of girls? One girl this weekend one girl the next. Or better yet, like the guy I know, have the regular one and then get the freshies on the side. Could a girl get away with that? Can girls NOT get away with it because guys can tell...because they do it all the time? You know, like they smell one of their own.

What about when guys have a girl around that they know they're NOT going to keep around long term. And they have sex with her, hang out with her, meet her family, all the while they are completely UNATTACHED to her. They might feel bad hurting her feelings when it's all said and done, but have NO interest in her what so ever. Yet, they have to have her around. What would it be like to be so unattached?

I'm starting to wonder if all of us girls have a little man inside of us. I think I may have a little man inside of me. Not like the guys I know. I mean they're like LEVEL 10...I'm like level 2...maybe. I'm thinking that if I were to start hanging with someone just to pass the time that I could stay unattached.

Typically I wouldn't be that girl. I'm not wired like that. But right now, I know I'm moving, just not sure how soon or where. So I think that I've mentally prepared myself so that I can't and WON'T get hurt. You know, act aloof. Like you REALLY DON'T CARE!

Granted, acting like a guy would get old and frankly I'd feel really dirty. So I don't suggest that behavior for a long period of time, but the part where you don't seem to have feelings would be interesting.

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