Monday, June 29, 2009


As you may or may not know in my divorce my ex got 2 of the dogs and I kept Sexie. In the past, if he allowed it, whenever I got to town I would try to make arrangements to see the dogs. Earlier on he would usually be somewhat accommodating. Lately I've had to jump through hoops.

So over the weekend I was in Portland for my best friends wedding where I was the maid of honor. Like I mentioned in the last blog when I learned that the one Dog Oscar had bone cancer and wasn't doing well, I asked to see him. My ex screamed and threw a tantrum like a little kid before saying I could but, it would be on his terms.

Then I talked with the new fiance who at the time seemed fine with it. So over he last couple weeks I tried coordinating a time so I could see them. My ex just kept blowing me off. Saying, "Erin I don't know if I'll even be in town. Call me later." So, the next week I call again to check in and see if he knew his plan. Again, he acted as if I was inconveniencing him and still didn't know if he would be in town. He said, "Erin just call me when you get to town."

So, Wednesday I get into town late and Thursday morning I call him. "Hey it's me...just trying to plan out my day a bit and see when you have time so I can see the dogs." NO RESPONSE! I call an hour later...NO RESPONSE. I send a text an hour later...NO RESPONSE. Obviously, he's avoiding me. So later that afternoon around 2pm pacific time I call him from my friends phone and guess what...HE ANSWERS!!!

I said, "Hey it's me."
HIM: "Um...hang on a second...I can't talk right now Michael Jackson just died!"
ME: "Really? Wow...well when do you plan on calling me back?"
HIM: "Uhhh...NEVER!"
ME: "What? Really?"
HIM" "No...but the only reason I answered the phone was because I thought you were someone from KATU." Click...

Needless to say he never got back to me. Even more amazing is the fact the my ex husband apparently has the skills of Nostradamus and can predict the death of Michael Jackson. After my very brief conversation with the ex I told everyone at the house that MJ died. Then, I talked to my girlfriend who called and I talked with her for about 5 minutes. After that, I turned on the TV to see CNN reporting he was in the hospital under cardiac arrest. NOT DEAD! WHATEVER...I know he eventually dies...RIP MJ.

The next day rolls around and I decide I'll try calling the ex again to see the dogs. I mean Michael Jackson is done being dead. So I call him around 8am...nothing. Left him a message. 9am rolls around so I call again. He answers. "Hey I'm just calling to see when I can see the dogs."

HIM: "you can't see the dogs."
ME: "Why told me I could."
HIM: Because I don't think it's appropriate and she's(the fiance) not here."
ME: "But she even said I could."
HIM: "Well sorry...but you're not seeing the dogs."
ME: "So Why would you lie and say I could...What's the big Deal? This isn't about seeing you anyway...I could give 2 S#!$ about seeing you...take them over to Dave's house.
HIM: "Sorry're just gonna have to deal with it...Sorry."
ME: "You're not sorry...Why are you being so selfish? I just want ot see Oscar!"

So, then I call the fiance to have her talk to him since she said it was OK....right? No Answer...So I leave a VM. I said how I was in town and wanted to see the dogs and I was told I wasn't allowed to...and I was really disappointed since I wanted to see Oscar one more time before he dies. I sent her a txt...cuz I thought my phone cut out during message. I basically reiterated that I just wanted to see the dogs and to call me back. NO RESPONSE FOR THE REST OF THE DAY!

The next day is the day of my friends wedding. We are busy the entire day taking care of things. While I'm at the reception...I get a txt message back from the fiance. It's says and I quote, "I am in STL for an intense wedding weekend & I'm sorry I didn't respond to you Yesterday. You called/txted while I was at the spa. Apologies.

OK...seems nice between the lines here. 1. Intense and spa...don't go together. My first thought was that's pretty dramatic! And what does she think I'm in Portland for..a relaxed wedding? I'm the maid of honor...I mean, we're not just sitting around getting our nails done all day. So you're not the only busy one honey. #2 Notice how there's no mention of the dogs what so ever? No..."I'm sorry you couldn't see Oscar." Which tells me this. That she all along did NOT want me to see the dogs and just didn't have the balls to say so. Hence, why I get this fake I'm sorry text. It's too bad she didn't have the maturity to just respond or call back with..."Hey...sorry you can't see the dogs. For some reason I can't handle it."

Instead, I get a fake, insincere apology from a girl that likes to have control. Does she think I'm an idiot? And with that fake do not have me in the palm of your hand like you like to have my ex. Sorry, I can smell fake from a mile away. If she was really sorry she would've made mention of the dogs...but no...the entire message was about her, and how busy she was...sound familiar?

So needless to say, I'm sad and mad. Mad because there were 2 selfish people that couldn't get over themselves for 10 minutes to allow me to see the dogs. And I'm sad because, The dog I ADOPTED 7 YEARS AGO (NOT HER...LONG STORY) will pass on because of doggie bone cancer and I never had the chance to give him one last hug.

Oscarkins...You were a great dog...even though you would sometimes growl when I would hug you too tight..I will miss you. I will miss how you would howl when a police siren would go by. I will miss how you were just fine sleeping on the floor when the girls took all the space on the bed. And I mill miss the times in the car when you would stick your head out the window with the wind flapping your ears and jowls when we'd go for a ride...and how excited you'd get when you'd hear just the word. Oscar, I'm sorry I never got to say my official goodbye to you...but just know that when you are in'll get your leg back so you can walk little kids across the street on all four legs.


Love you

Your 1st Mommy...Erin


jess said...

I totally understand why you would be upset, you have every right to be. that was your dog, my dog is like my baby. I had the smae issue when I got divorced, only I got to keep the dog, lucky dog! But I know this, if he asked to see the dog alive or well, I would arrange it. Most likely when I was not there. Some people I think are just insecure. I dunno! And maybe she was busy, but she should have given you a straight forward answer. LAME! I'm upset for you, because I think this is awful, I wonder what their reasonings for this was, because I know there are 2 sides to every story, who knows. Maybe the ex just didnt want the drama! Poor Oscar, he was a good dog!!

Janice said...

Wow, Erin. Sorry they were such jerks about something that should be so simple. Sounds like Oscar will always be with you in spirit.

Anonymous said...

I feel for Oscar and now hope he is in a better place.

You on the other, my god, your were fucking annoying him every hour then calling his soon to be wife to tell on him. Then you think it is all about them. You always make it about you! Poor fucking me, I can't find a man, I am going to be alone forever, blah blah blah. You will be alone if you continue to be a whinning, annoying little bitch.

Someone needs to wake you up or are you just in it for the pitty from others?

Erin Austin said...

thanks anonymous for your profound words of wisdom. I always appreciate when people feel the need to use profanity on my blog...good for you.

I have a feeling that you know someone that I've written about or you're just one angry person.

It's obvious that you haven't read my latest blog. Maybe you should. Thank God you and i aren't friends cuz I would elimante you from my life too.

Have a nice day