Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When I talked with life coach Melissa Maleug about the things I wanted in a man, she told me to write all those qualities down in a list and print it up. So I did. I made several copies and posted them up so that I could look at it often and hopefully attract that person to me. Now so far it hasn't happened but, maybe it's still being worked out to come my way.

As you know, I'm looking for a new job. Fortunately I have some time on my side but, I'm still being pro-active to find my next stop in life. So I was thinking, "Maybe I should come up with that same type of list for my next job, so that I can attract that to me." Some of these are must's and some are things I'd like to have.


A great opportunity for me in my long term career
A place where I'll have lots of great opportunities.
A place where I'll be able to expand and grow my true potential
A station with good management
A station that's in a good company

A station that's in a stable company
A station that does well in the ratings
A job that pays well
A job that pays me well enough to be able to save money.
A station/management where my talented is appreciated.
To be on a winning show/day part

To have great co-workers
To have co-workers that are easy to get along with.
A place where I will get friends easy.
A place where I will have good girl friends
A city where I will have great friends.
A city is economic to live in.
A city where I could by a place of my own.
A place that will be good for Sexie
A state where there's no income tax.
A city where dating will be easier.
A place where I can find Mr. Good for me
A place where the weather is nicer.

A city where's there is lots to do.
A city with lots of nice restaurants to try.
A city where people will come and visit me.

These are some things to start off with. I'm sure I'll come up with more. I just hope that I'll be able to find a job that has most if not all of these attributes.


Pete said...

Try not to limit yourself or think that working for a station is the only long term goal for you. If staying in the mass media genre is what you love, then one thing to consider is being the face and/or voice for a company's website. As more and more business's are becoming 1st time customers of professionally made web videos for advertising, the need for talent in front of the camera is gonna skyrocket. My brother co-owns a video production company and they pretty much decide who's gonna be in the web videos they make, cuz all these new clients usually leave it up to them. Network with producers in milwaukee and maybe even madison and get in front of this wave!

Rebecca said...

Pete is on to something here! Seriously - I hadn't thought about that...but check out this website and see another example of this. It's not a video - but YOU would represent the brand.

Now imagine that type of thing on various pages throughout a website...I think it's pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

before you apply for a job, always check your spelling!

Erin Austin said...

Anonymous...are you telling me that I've mispelled something...or is that a general rule to live by.

Cuz my spell check tells me that I spell ok.