Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Does this ever really happen? I know when something bad happens to you by the hand of another, people close to you usually say..."Well, what goes around come around." or "They'll get theirs someday." I know that people say that but, does it ever really happen?

Sometimes you hear the term 'Paybacks a bitch.' Some may say that to their friend after they play a practical joke on you but, have you ever thought that after something else has happened? I know the days where I've been irritated, bothered or angry, I thought that saying in my head. I know...not good.

Or the word 'Karma' comes to mind. People use this term in both good and bad situations. If you do good things...good things will come to you. Or just the opposite, if you do bad things bad things will come to you. There's a saying in the bible...Do unto others as you'd have done unto you. That goes along the same lines. It seems like a pretty simple philosophy to live by. So why is it that you still have people that mistreat you?

I've been reading The Secret, and trying to stay positive with things. So, the thought is you wish good things to happen to people(even if they mistreated you) in hopes that that energy will come to you. What you put out there is what you get back. I am doing my best on this but, here's my problem. When you have someone that was mean, or hurtful to you and they seem to have no problem with what they did to you and they're not do you wish really great things for them? Basically, how can you hope good for them when they don't feel sorry or maybe even realize the things they did was wrong and they are off living the happy life?

I have a friend that told me once, "Erin, I'm one of those people that if you hurt me...I want to hurt you 10x more." I have to admit, I'm a little like that too. Although, I usually don't do anything about it except maybe write a blog about them. Although, I know one time I told someone I hoped they burned in HELL! Needless to say I think that might've bothered them. Anytime you say that God will have his way with them...I think scares people!

So what do I need to take from all of this? I will hope for the best for people. I will do my best to be happy for people even if they've been mean, or disrespectful to me. But I can't help but wonder... like the Justin Timberlake song...what goes around comes around...true or not true?


Anonymous said...

I will admit it. I have a really hard time wishing well to people who don't deserve it. I work with an extremely terrible person. On the outside I say, "I hope Miss B*tch finds the job of her dreams" so she'll leave & I won't have to work with her anymore. On the inside I fight the thoughts that I wish she would just die. That sounds so harsh but its true.

Erin Austin said...

Wow...they must be really horrible for you to think that. I know that I think of how horrible a person has been to me for the last 11 years that I've known them...sometimes I hope he feels what it's like but I've never wished the really horrible stuff. Maybe he can have someone hurt him someday the way they made me hurt...that kind of stuff...then again I have to believe that everything will work out the way is supposed to. I hope so anyway.

Anonymous said...

Glad that you're reading The Secret. Although, some of that is just common sense, and other parts of it is like a placebo effect wishful thinking = good things happen to you.

But, I digress.

Everyone has thoughts like this at one point in their life. And, karma probably DOES come around in one form or another to those that have wronged us. But, just rememeber, in those situation where you state "....or they don't know what they did was wrong", you can't really fault them for that. In that situation, we're at fault for not letting them know that what they said or did made us feel shitty. After that point, if they choose not to do anything about it, then we can place blame.

For everything else, I say, "kudos to you" for at least trying to put your best face forward.

Trev said...

Karma is real. Back when Hurricane Katrina hit I was excited. I thought it would be great entertainment to see the destruction. The next day I broke one of my toes completely in half. Had to have surgery with pins put in to fix the digit. Couldn't walk for three weeks, limped around for four weeks after that. Karma got me, and I don't even have anything against black people. I learned hurricanes are not entertainment. Tornadoes and floods are funny as shit, but not hurricanes.