Friday, April 17, 2009


So my lease on my apartment is coming up at the end of June. I like my place. It's close to the lake, close to downtown, and other great conveniences. The only thing is, I'm getting tired of paying $1000 a month. I just think with the economy the way it is and my job situation I should save more money and find something a little more flexible in the event I move and have less than 60 days to move.

My friend M is also having the same dilemma. Her lease is due at the end of June and her job situation is tricky. At the moment she pays more than I do and with pays cuts and loss of overtime, her crazy high rent is too much.

So, that where our friend Ben comes in. He's got a condo that is super cute...and huge. We can both have our own furniture and our own spaces. Just as if we were living alone...except we're not! In the process, we'll save money and and feel a little better about leasing. Since it's our friend...if one of us moves he'll be a little better about helping us out.

It'll be weird having a roommate again. Technically I haven't had one since college...and then there was my ex-husband of course. In other ways it'll be nice. When I make a big pot of spaghetti, I'll have someone else to eat it; instead of me eating it for the entire week. Also, M is a neater/cleaner person than I am. So maybe that will rub off on me! Oh, and Sexie will have one more person to give her love on a consistent basis.

Right now the only thing that I can think of that might be bad...and not even bad but just weird is...if someone has a visitor over. If you know what I mean? How will that be? Not that either one of us get a lot of action (read previous blogs) but just in the off chance that we do...what will we/they hear? Oh DEAR!!

Honestly, I'm glad I'm doing it. I need to save money, I need some place that's flexible and this will just perfect...unless one of us moves before July 1!


Anonymous said...

That's hot !!

Scot said...

If either one of you has a special guest over than just use the universal signal.

Anonymous said...

so you just did a big reveal there :) and it's all good

Anonymous said...

Actually if you bring someone home your new roommate would probably hear a loud, "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz" coming from your room. Sorry couldn't resist.

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