Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Lately, I've been feeling a little down because I haven't had much luck finding a job. I look everyday. Sometimes I look for hours. Sometimes I might find a new opening and other times I find absolutely nothing.

Ever since the station flipped in November I always felt as though i had time on my side. I remember when people would ask me how long my contract was for, it always seemed that I had a year and a half. Now its almost a year and still nothing. In fact, I've maybe had 3 or 4 real bites on jobs. At this rate I'm wondering if I'll find anything. I'm starting to panic

Everyday I scour the Internet looking at website after website looking for my next opportunity. I apply for every job that I think I can do or want to do. Here's the thing, I've had such little response that I'm wondering if I'm not doing enough. Am I not looking hard enough? Is there something I'm missing?

As I've stated before, I know that my situation is a pretty good one. I know that I'm very blessed to be looking for a job while I still have this cushion. Although I can't help but get down. Will I just take a job just for the sake of taking one?

With all of this economy crap...I don't even know what I'm going to do about the place I live. Should I move out...try to save money? What if I actually find a job...and I have a lease for another 6 months?

AHHH I hate this!!! It sucks! My only issue is that i don't want to fall into some depression because i feel like I'm not good enough for what I want in life. This recession is making me need medication to stay happy.


Anonymous said...

Don't do it!!!!
Medication is never the answer. It dangerous.
Stick to alcohol!!!!

Thanks for the update. We all were beginning to worry. No posts in weeks. I'm glad its only the blues & nothing more serious.

Anonymous said...

Forget the websites. You're fighting against the numbers when you do and given all of the radio station closings you have little chance. Focus on your network and use non-traditional (or old school) methods like sending letters, packages, calling them. Do research on the hiring managers, connect with them for informational interviews and build relationships.

Anonymous said...

Medication is not such a bad thing...It does get you by the diffucult times but then there is the question of: Do you rely on it like a crutch???Or is it simply a stepping stone to realize your true inner self???
Wow, one would think I was raised in California or some commune..LOL...

Scott said...

Take the time to further your education. It might help to get another degree or an advanced degree in your current field.

Pete said...

Do you go to any networking "happy-hour" events that occur like a once week/month? I know these things are thought of as meat markets, and/or can get kinda crowded, but with some creative thinking, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd. For instance, my brother will wear a t-shirt that says what he can do on one side, and what skills or things he needs on the other. He runs outta business cards every time.

Pete said...

Do you go to any networking "happy-hour" events that take place once a week/month? I know they are perceived as just meat markets by some, and/or they can get kinda crowded, but it is a great place to make contacts. One thing my brother does to stand out from the crowd when he goes is to wear a t-shirt that say on the back: " i do: web design, etc... " and on the front it says " i need ...(whatever he needs, i forget) ". People come up to him and strike up conversations. he runs outta business cards everytime. remember, noone is gonna refer you for anything, to anybody, if they don't know you.