Monday, February 23, 2009


Probably since the beginning of time men have been after younger women. Like the younger the better…seriously that’s why we have shows on Dateline called “How to catch a Predator!” In the last few months I’ve heard and known more and more guys going after the young ones and I’m trying to figure it all out.

Let’s start off with my personal experience. After the Big D every girl that my ex went after was at least 10 years younger. The first one that I know was at least 10 years younger, a student, and worked at Old Navy. The second was I think 21, a student and daddy paid for everything. The last one I know of was 22, 12 years younger, and a student. To my knowledge he never so much as went on a date with a woman even close to his age let alone a girl around my age. So why did he always pick the young ones? Was it easy to impress them? With his connections, concert tickets and job he could show them he’s something. Did he like them because they haven’t learned to speak up yet?

Then we have a guy that I dated for a bit and he goes from me, a slightly older woman to a girl that’s in college. I mean, I'm 10 years older than her. Did he go for her because she’s really more along his maturity level? Was it because it was easy and she didn’t expect too much?

Then this weekend I went to a wedding full of doctors and surgeons. My friend was pointing out everyone to me. Then he shows me this doctor that he said was 48 and his wife passed away a few years ago of cancer. They had several children together and one of them was a girl that was 19. Well first of all, this guy did not look 48. I thought he was maybe 35. Then I look at the girl with him. Apparently she was 23 and worked with him. The girl was ok…I hate to sound snotty but I have a better bod then she does. Here’s the thing, she had her eyebrow pierced and a tattoo wrapped around her ankle. She must not have heard that NOTHING SCREAMS 1992 LIKE A BARB WIRE TATOO! I couldn’t believe it. He’s got a daughter that is 4 years younger than the chick he boning.

I have a lot of stories on his subject. So a guy I know who is about 34, he’s been married and divorced 2x and his last little F&^% Buddy was a girl that was 23. I think things had been going on since she was 20 or 21. Now with this situation they never dated. In fact, he literally would just call for you know what. It didn’t matter when. Oh this is a good one. I remember she was on a date with another dude and he called her for some action, she jumped in a cab with him and left her date on the curb. SERIOUSLY!!! That really happened and it happened here in Milwaukee. BTW guys…if you want to find that girl…I know where you can find her.

Now my last little story I got on Saturday. A guy I know that is a little older. He’s in his late 40’s. He’s going through a divorce which he didn’t see coming and within a month of his wife moving out he was already boning a 23 year old cocktail waitress. I asked him why a 23 year old and he really didn’t have an answer. Apparently she was the one to make the moves on him. When I said, “Oh my Gawd…you’re like 25 years older than her!!” He made a weird face and said “I know.” Now I know that he’s not going to really DATE this girl but I just don’t get it. I know this guy did say that his was fascinated by the fact that a young girl is firm in all the right places. OH VEY!

After having 2 of these stories come up this weekend it got me super paranoid. It actually made me a little sad because I started to feel old. I thought Why would a guy ever date a girl my age 31…when he can just date a 22 year old? So why do guys go for the young ones? Is it because they are supposedly firm where they should be? Is it because you really don’t have to try hard for the young one? Are they easier to date? Do guys like them because they’re mindless? Is it because us older ones are more serious and are usually looking for more meaningful relationships? Do guys like the young ones because they feel like they don’t owe them anything? Do you the young ones make them feel younger because they go to college parties? Is it ego?

Do all guys like the younger ones…should us girls in our 30’s just throw in the towel because our eggs or too ripe for men? When I say eggs I’m being funny BTW. I just hope that some guys may find that us riper girls just as good if not better.


Anonymous said...

Did you ever try dating younger men?

I did & I liked it except I felt uncomfortable sleeping with someone 10 years younger & 10 years harder.

Anonymous said...

To give you a answer or the way me think to a point on this blog. It’s not that hard to see why some men do look for the younger woman. Some men might agree and others will not agree with what I say on this whole subject on why they go for the younger woman. I’m not that young of a man I’m in my 30’s and have dated woman younger than me, well not 10 or more years 7 was the youngest. I’m telling you it was a hell ride for me. So to get back to why they do are a few reasons. As listed..

1)The younger woman is easy

2)The older male can get away with anything

3)The ego gets huge

4)Tell there buddies that they have a 20 some gf

5)They are naive

6)The girl will do anything he wants’

7)The girl is not looking for anything long term

8)It’s just a tail call

9)Men are scared of woman that are around their own age

10)The man can manipulate the girl

So that is just some thoughts that I know of and have seen. I could never date some one that young there is nothing in common the age level are on way two different tears. To me a woman around my age is the best that way I am able to have things in common, intelligent mind, option, personally everything a Man is looking for in a Woman not in a young lady that has no clue on life yet. So not all men are looking for the “younger ones” the adult woman is where it is at. No reason to throw in the towel at all.


Anonymous said...

Wow Lar, Those are exactly the reasons women think men date younger girls. Thanks for being honest.