Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In the nearly 2 years since I've had this blog, I have a lot of guys getting offended. There's really no need for someone to take these blogs personally. I will say that some are written about people that I know. BUT...Those blogs are about those people and are all based on my observations or those of my I've stated before. So let's make things absolutely crystal clear in hopes that I won't have another blog comment stating "Erin there are good guys out there...or Erin girls do bad things too."


For the love of Pete! I believe there are guys that aren't d-bags. Why do you think I still try and date? If I thought all guys were d-bags I'd probably become a lesbian or a crazy cat lady. The fact is, that there are more men out there that are bad than good. Finding a good guy sometimes is like finding a needle in haystack. Although, once you find him it will be worth the wait.


What I mean be this is, sure you can be a great guy but maybe when you go out you're just not feeling it. May it be their actions on the date, things they said or didn't say, attraction, or maybe the foot they put forward wasn't their best name it. I think I'm a nice girl but, just because I meet a really nice guy doesn't mean he's the right fit for me.


GUYS NEWS FLASH!!! We talk about you!!! When we get together with our friends sometimes you come up and we share our feelings!! If you haven't seen the movie "He's just not that into you"...YOU NEED TO!!! If only to watch and say..."Yep been there! Oh Yeah...had that happen." All I'm saying is, all of my friends and I were dying because we've all done and had the things happen to us that were in that movie!!

OH! And all girls have stories of how guys have done them wrong. Even if you're a nice guy I can guarantee there's a girl out there somewhere that thinks you're an A$$ because at some point you probably were NOT you're typical "nice guy" self.


How many times have you heard a guy say.."God..Girls are crazy!"? Does that mean ALL girls are crazy? Of course not! So when I say something like 'run from the guy that's says he'll break up with his GF'...I'm talking in generalities. From the outside looking in...that situation looks bad.

It all boils down to the fact that I speak of general man behavior. Because I speak of bad behavior doesn't mean that I think all men are bad. So boys...grow some thick skin and realize that most of us women will go through our handfuls of the bad ones before we get to the good one. Although sometimes, some of us still settle with the bad ones.


Twinkle Toes said...

Couple of comments:

Hopefully this wasn’t burning at you all night that I see you posted this at 7:24am plus the good hour to write it. It also looks as this post is more of a reaction from the last blog post. (I haven’t checked back since the video blog, I needed to rest my toes). If it is, you don’t need to respond. I know you know that but I feel you are a lot like a friend of mine that even though you do not need to respond, you feel or have the urge to.

You are right, not all of us guys are nice and we all probably have been called a pecker nut at some point even if not to our faces. People need to realize that we won’t all have the same feelings for each other and it is better it cut the ties sooner rather than later.

I know you are probably sick of hear this but the best time to find someone is when you are not looking for them. It happens more then you know.

I wish you the best in your journey but do not feel stressed about it. Think of the glass as being half-full that spring is shortly around the corner and you can spend the time outside. My prediction is you may find someone, while I don’t think the life long person but still a dater for you this spring. I will give you the over under in one of your later posts. If you don’t know what that means, ask one of your guy friends they will explain it.

Twinkle’s Out (notice how I didn’t say “Peace Out”, still can’t believe you said that)

Trev said...

Sweet Syphilitic Jesus, Woman! There's no spark when you meet The One? When I first met my wife, the instant I saw her, before I even talked to her, I knew she was it. Game over. We didn't start dating until about six months after we met and in that time only spoke to each other maybe three or four times. And I could not stop thinking about her. Do I sometimes question her sanity? Of course, she's a woman. Am I sometimes an asshole? Yes, I'm a guy.
It's kind of like an infomercial ...My experience is unique and you should not expect these results, but it does happen.

Erin Austin said...

Yep I don't believe in the spark. I think guys have this thing built up in their head that when they meet their turns into the flippin 4th of July! Guess what guys it's called hormones...heard of them?

Anonymous said...

First of all, you need to keep writing blogs like the last two.(even after you find your keeper) Its your forte. The subject is fun & I love the comments people leave.
Second,(about spark)it might just be a primative way of saying chemistry & I think there is something to that.
ex-I met a nice guy. Good looking, good job with interests similar to mine. We go out have a nice time and at the end of the nite he kisses me (no spark) never dated him again. It happens. or maybe he just didn't kiss good (I forget).