Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So Friday is the big day when I go down to Chicago for my big audition with QVC. I'm really excited about the opportunity and I really hope I get it but I'm worried. What if I don't get it?

I feel like I've told everyone and their dog that I have this audition. Obviously, because I'm super excited. I mean how cool would that be? I pick up and move to Philly, get a great TV job that pays well. It really could be awesome. And I think I would do a great job at it. I'm spunky, have personality, and if I find a great deal I love telling people about it. There's nothing about this job that scares me in the least. I would have 6 months of training and once that's done I would have to start off on air in the middle of the night. Even though everyone likes having normal gotta start somewhere.

Here's where I get worried. I'll be going to this audition and I'm sure there are a ton of other people that will be trying out for the same job. So what happens if I don't get the call back? I know you should never put all your eggs all in one basket but I really wanted to get mentally prepared for this gig. So just say I don't get it. There's nothing else really out there right now and I'm just a little worried that I may not find anything else.

We all know the saying 'when one door closes another will open' but, what happens if there are no other doors...or if all the other doors that open have a goat standing behind it? (game show reference)Seriously, what happens if the door that opens for me is just whatever? Fortunately, if I don't get it at least I still have a job. Although, I think they're really hoping I get it so they can save my salary.

I just hope and pray that if this is truly a great career move for me that I get the job and knock their socks off on Friday! So wish me luck and if you want you can even pray for me...I'll except that wholeheartedly.


Lar said...

Hey Erin
All the best luck to you on your audition. I think you’ll do an excellent job on the audition I’ve heard you on the radio and read what you write, so you have everything going in your favor. This sounds like a chance you want to take and what you’re looking for, if they don’t respond back to you that would be their loss. With the way everything now in the market it’s a chance you should take no matter what the outcome is good or indifferent. Milwaukee would lose an excellent personality and person on the other hand it’s their loss and QVC gain. You need to do what you think is best for you and will make you happy, your happiness is what matters. All the best to you on your adventure.


Anonymous said...

The Men of Milwaukee unite and wish you all the luck in the world.

"Please, please, please let her get this job!!!"

Break a leg Erin!!


Erin Austin said...

I sense your sarcasm...but that's ok.

I'm ready for a new set of men anyway!

Lar said...

The men do wish you luck.. Some men in Milwaukee can't handle a real woman like you, so they have to be rude.. No wonder men get a bad wrap case in point in the comment by Anonymous. Not all of the men in Milwaukee are rude. Just had to say something on that comment. ERIN ALL THE BEST OF LUCK TO YOU..


Anonymous said...

i had to grin a little when i read you are auditioning for qvc - i did the SAME thing right after i departed a radio station.

i wish you the best, if it's what you want. but you will know immediately if it's not for you.

your next opportunity will end up finding you. hang in there. :)