Monday, February 2, 2009


Everywhere you turn it's bad news about the economy. People are losing their jobs left and right. Businesses are closing their doors and it seems as if there's no relief in sight. In fact, experts are saying that it's going to get worse before it gets better. Is anyone freaking out right now like I am?

As I've discussed before on this blog, I'm concerned about my next step in life. Ever since 'KTI flipped my life has been in a state of limbo. I'm thankful that I have a job and have been reassigned but as you know I've also been told that I can look for other employment. As you also know, I've thinking about other career paths that I can go down. The big one for me is becoming a TV reporter.

At first the TV reporter thing I wasn't quite sure I could do. Then I thought I could totally do it. Then I started to doubt myself again. Now, I'm to the point where I wonder if I could even get a job. Everywhere I look and in every TV publication I read, they're laying off reporters and anchors all over the place. Combine that with the fact there are so many people aspiring to do the same that I am, I wonder is there really room for one more?

I also wonder will I be able to find a good opportunity for myself in this economy? Will I be able to make this career change without becoming bankrupt and eating Top Ramen every night? I know I worry a lot. Thank God I'm not married at the moment because my ex was never very uplifting when it came to me worrying about things. I just pray that good things will come my way and pray that I will do a good job when that happens.


Anonymous said...

I really would suggest that you DON'T do the TV anchor thing!

I don't really think you are cut out for that work.

Erin Austin said...

As much as I appreciate your opinion...I only apprecaite it if you had enough balls to either identify yourself or give viable reason why you think that I wouldn't be cut out for that line of work.

Who knows maybe I'm not. Although, if you always live your life scared then you're not living.

So honestly, I would actually appreciate you not posting your negative energy on my blog.

There's enough negatvity in the world without you're help.

But if you actually have a reason for which you speak then I'm willing to listen.

Erin Austin said...

Oh...and I said reporter....not anchor!

Shawn said...

"Is anyone freaking out right now like I am?" I DO know there are people gunning for my position, so I may be preoccupied at times with securing it. Twelve years ago, I would have laughed about being in my field in 2009. When September 2001 came, I decided to go back to a field with some stability. Until I finish my degree, I may merely be eating chicken or turkey with whole grain pasta and choice of sauce, but I'm grateful I don't HAVE TO choose between ramen noodles and mac & cheese.

It seems to me that in times like this it would be better to be married... to the right person. I'm not talking about the obvious financial reasons. I think having someone who nourishes your soul is far more important than having someone who is more successful but sacrifices the things that are less fleeting. Ultimately, what's more reassuring in times of despair?

There are not many things I actually hate, but negative waves is one of them. Constructive criticism can be useful with good intentions. I fail to see the use in pushing someone's face in the mud when they're down, especially one so alluring.

Trev said...

On random Saturday nights at about 3:30 a.m. when I couldn't sleep or came back from the bar and was too drunk to make it to bed I caught a couple of episodes of Wild Country when you hosted it. If you can keep your composure around all those fake cowboys and middle aged couples wearing matching outfits I think you could probably handle anything reporting would throw at you.
On an unrelated note, I think Shawn is a good canidate for your gay boyfriend. Jesus, it's like reading an Oscar Wilde novel.

Shawn said...

You're joking. I'm being compared to an effeminate anarchist, now. I suppose there really is a first time for everything.

Erin Austin said...

trev...stop starting trouble and play nice!

Erin Austin said...

Shawn...I think he's being harm no foul! Have a great day!

Doug said...

You've got talent, why not give it a try. It will help you answer the question, and diversify you from an experience standpoint as well. I agree it's a tough enviorntment, but you have to still consider you're standing in it... remember you have some real good background and experiences and with that you start at the upper end of the talent that's out there, not the other way around. good luck Erin!!